How to Style Cute Poncho Outfits

Ponchos are  very convenient during the colder seasons. They do a great job with providing you warm and cozy, However, ponchos are also a little tricky to wear.  If you don’t know how to pick a really good one, you might end up looking like you’re wearing a Snuggie or like you just cut up holes from a blanket and threw it on over yourself. We’ve got some styling tips for you so you can create your own stylish poncho outfits.

  • Do not go too big – although a poncho is intended to be really big and comfy, getting a poncho that’s too big for you can make you look like you’re wearing a blanket over your outfit.  Try ponchos on before buying them and make sure that they drape on well and do not entirely eat you up or drown you in them. Although most of the time ponchos come only in one size that’s meat to fit all sizes, try  to get ponchos that are about 3 to 4 sizes bigger than your regular size or 5 sizes bigger, at the most.

nice poncho fitgood size poncho

  • Choose a poncho with a trendy print – right now, geometric and Aztec prints are the biggest trends when it comes to print. These prints are perfect for ponchos as it gives them a tribal feel. Having fun and interesting prints on your poncho will also minimize it’s resemblance to a blanket. Remember to keep your pants plain and neutral when wearing a printed poncho so that you don’t look like  you have too much going on.

poncho print

printed poncho

  • Wear your poncho with leggings or skinny jeans – balance the heavy volume of your poncho on top by wearing skinny jeans or leggings and avoid wide legged pants like flare pants. This will help you avoid looking big and chunky, something that you will find very unflattering.

poncho and leggingsponcho leggings

  • Try poncho capes – poncho capes are a great alternative to the regular ponchos. These are a better option than the traditional ones if you want something that can be styled with more versatility.  You can wear these poncho capes open  to create more movement and flow in your outfit or you can wear them belted to somehow lessen the bulk a poncho creates.

poncho capeblack poncho cape

  • Get fringed ponchos – originally ponchos were made with fringes but as style evolved, designs without fringes also cam about. Wearing fringed ponchos add more texture and interest to your outfit. These are perfect especially if you are going for a southern cowgirl look.

 fringe ponchoponcho fringe