How to Style Fall Dresses

Fall is often the time when you start to ditch your dresses and start cozying up in jackets and pants. Sometimes, it can be a little disappointing to not be able to wear a dress just because it’s too cold outside. If you’ve always liked wearing dresses, cheer up! We’ve got some styling tips on how to wear and style fall dresses without sacrificing comfort so read on.

  • Wear a maxi dress – whoever said maxi dresses are only for summer sure is lame. Maxi dresses are perfect for fall because they’re long enough to keep your legs warm and cozy. Make the most of your maxi dresses from summer and put them to good use this fall. All you have to do is to put on a jacket, a sweater or a coat over it to protect you from getting cold. Of course, you can also do a bit more of fall shopping to buy some lovely long-sleeved maxi dresses.

maxi dress outfit maxi dress

  • Use the layering technique – has the cold weather been keeping you from wearing your favorite dresses? Well, there’s a really easy solution to that; and a very stylish one, too! Use the layering technique in your outfit to generate warmth. You can wear any dress and put on a jacket then, if it’s really cold outside, a coat and a scarf to top it all off. You’ll surely be warm with all those layers and you’ll be comfortable wearing your fall dress.

layered fall dress outfit

layered fall dress

  • Wear tights or leggings underneath – this is one of the most popular ways to wear fall dresses when the temperature starts to drop. Wearing tights or leggings underneath your dress lets you wear shorter ones. Another great thing about wearing leggings or tights is that, when you’re wearing a rather plain outfit, you can wear legging or tights in fun prints and colors to make your outfit more lively and exciting.

dress and tights dress and leggings

  • Go for long sleeved fall dresses – if you don’t like how you look bulkier when you layer your clothes or if you’re simply not into layering, you can simply opt for long-sleeved fall dresses. These dresses are perfect and more recommended if the weather isn’t too cold yet. A simple scarf would be enough to keep you warm when wearing a long sleeved dress.

long sleeved dress long sleeves

  • Pick clothes made from thicker, warmer fabric – if you want to keep your outfit simple and minimal, the key is to choose a fall dress that’s made of thicker and warmer fabric / material. Knit sweater dresses, tweed and wool are just some of the popular choices for fabric when it comes to fall dresses.

sweater dress thick dress

So you see, it’s not really that impossible to wear dresses for fall. You just need to know how to wear your dresses, what to wear them with and what kinds of dresses you should wear and go for. Now that you’ve read these tips, we hope you won’t let the cold weather come between you and wearing your favorite fall dresses and looking stylish!