How to Style Faux Leather Leggings

Perhaps you’ve already heard of one of fashion’s golden rules: leggings are not pants. Well, it’s true. But when they’re made of faux fur, your leggings are just as good as pants. Faux leather leggings are very trendy, chic and sleek. They give out an aura of a very posh and sexy chick with a bit of a rock and roll, edgy vibe. Faux leather leggings are more preferable than genuine leather pants because you’re sure that they were made without any animal being hurt (which is a very sensitive issue right now). If you’re wondering how to style your faux fur leggings, here are some tips for you:

  • Wear them with a knit sweater – faux fur leggings are very ideal for fall and winter because they’re warm. To create a chic outfit in preparation for the coming colder seasons, you can team up a pair of faux leather leggings and a knit sweater. Faux leather leggings give your outfit a tough girl edge and the softness and delicateness of the knit sweater balances it well making you look super gorgeous.

sweater and leggingssweater and faux leather leggigsblack leather leggings

  • Wear with a leather jacket – sport the biker chick look by pairing your faux leather leggings with a leather jacket. You can wear anything on your feet but you can also wear leather boots if you want to look spot on. This look is perfect for the colder seasons, especially winter because wearing leather all over can keep you nice and warm. It’s also a very sexy look that’s sure to bring out your inner vixen.

leather on leather and sneakersleather on leather

  • Wear it with a denim top – don’t let the look of leather discourage you from wearing those fab faux leather leggings. If you think you can’t wear faux leather for a casual day, then you’re wrong. All you really have to do is wear it with a piece that would dress it down like a denim top and you’re ready for the streets.

denim and leatherdenim jacket and leather leggings

  • Wear it with a faux fur coat or vest – don’t you just love how celebrities always look so gorgeous and extravagant even though they’re just wearing kick-ass faux leather leggings? Well, now you can dress up and be as glamorous as your favorite star by pairing your faux leather leggings with a luxurious faux fur coat or vest. It’s chic, stylish and animal cruelty-free!

fur and leather outfitfur and leather

  • Wear with something bright – faux leather leggings often come in black to get the look of genuine leather. Adding a bright pop of color to this will instantly make your outfit more lively and fun. You can also go for an overall black outfit and add a pop of color by way of your accessories.

bright top and leggingsbright pink top adn leggings

All black..

black outfit