How to Stylize Your Instagram like a Fashion Boss

Instagram – everyone who’s anyone is on it and today it has become one of our biggest sources of fashion inspiration, thanks to the many fashionistas out there who upload photos everyday containing anything and everything fashion and style related with a few miscellaneous pics here and there. If you follow big fashion girls on Instagram, you’ll notice that their pages aren’t always filled with pictures of clothes, jewelry or accessories but also bits and pieces of their everyday lives that make them seem even more fab. They’re always on the popular page and you’re always there, stalking and liking every single post because… well, because you like it. If you’re wondering how you can make it to the popular page, too, check out these tips on how to stylize your Instagram like a fashion boss.

  • Create OOTD’s – I’m pretty sure you know what an OOTD is (but in case you didn’t, it stands for Outfit Of The Day) and if you’re aimed at making your Instagram a fashion hotspot, just know that there is no such thing as too many OOTD’s in one page. On days when you feel like you have a cute outfit on, just snap a pic and post it on there, with or without a filter.

instagram OOTD shot

  • Make your own fashion collages – there are so many apps that you can download for free from the App Store or from the Google Play Store that lets you make awesome collages so make the most out of these and make fabulous fashion collages that feature your shoes, jewelry and other accessories that go with your OOTD’s on your Instagram page just like the popular fashionistas do.

fab fashion collage

  • Take scenic shots – fashionistas don’t just dress up for nothing. If they put in so much effort to look so good, they must be going somewhere and sure enough, along with the OOTD’s and fashion collages you’ll see, every once in a while, some scenic shots that feature places where they go to – from the palm trees of California to the Eiffel tower in Paris to even just the paper lanterns from in the local Chinatown.

golden gate scenic shot

  • Post selfies – of course you’ll want people to know the face behind the awesome styling found in your Instagram page so you post a selfie every once in a while. Taking pride in natural beauty seems to be the selfie of choice today with hashtags like #nomakeup, #nofilter and #justwokeup being some of the most popular ones used. Pre- and post-workout selfies come a close second because, yes, people want to know how you look so good in those clothes.

selfie shot instagram

  • And groupies – because birds of the same feather do flock together. Take a groupie with your fashionista friends and post them with the caption: “#bffs #bestfashionfriends #instafriends #instafashion #fashionistas #fashionistagirls #style #cool #fab #glam” … you get the picture. Oh and don’t forget to tag them, too!

groupie girls night out

  • And shoefies – because good shoes deserve a spot in your heart and on your Instagram page.

instagram shoe selfie

  • Snap haul pics – whether it’s one pair of darn amazing shoes or your full wardrobe for the next season, it has to go on Instagram. It just has to. Make sure you caption these pictures with useful info like where you got the items from and how much it cost you or if it was on sale or anything.

instagram fashion haur

  • Quote quotable fashion quotes – “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous – Coco Chanel” this is one of the most famous ‘instaquotes’ you’ll see on Instagram and it’s pretty much from a fashionista’s page 99% of the time. Got no fashion quote you live by? Get one! Just click on the Search Tag tab and enter #fashionquote or #diorquote or #chanelquote or whoever your fave  designer is.

fashion quotes marc jacobs rachel zoe fashion quote