How to Take on the Tomboy Style

The tomboy style is becoming such a huge hit in women’s fashion, especially with so many celebs and models rocking it for their off duty looks. The tomboy style is a look for women that has been inspired by men’s fashion. Sporting the tomboy style doesn’t necessarily mean one is a true tomboy. Sometimes, even the most girly girl will want to create this look because it’s just so easy to wear and it’s super comfy as well. If you’re used to being dressed up in dainty and feminine garb all the time and you’re looking a new style to rock for a refreshing break, why not try dressing up like a tomboy? Here are some tips on how to take on the tomboy style to get you started.

  • Never mind fancy, go for casual comfort – the tomboy style is simple with no frills. You can easily pull off the tomboy look with a simple t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit. Though you can always layer pieces for the tomboy look, make sure you don’t add anything too fancy or complicated to the mix. Choose pieces that have a clean and straightforward silhouette and avoid anything with too many accents and details. The general rule to remember when trying to pull off the tomboy style is “the simpler, the better”.

neutral tomboy look posh tomboy look

  • Use menswear inspired pieces – menswear inspired pieces for women abound in malls and boutiques. Rocking menswear inspired pieces has been one of the most recent trends in women’s fashion and if you’ve tried mixing pieces like these into a girly outfit in the past, you should have no problem achieving a legit tomboy look. This time, though, leave out the girly pieces and replace them with ones that have a boyish look and feel. This means no to skirts and dresses and yes to pants and suits.

distressed shorts outfit

black and white tomboy look

  • Shop at the men’s section – if you’re trying to look and dress like a man, then I guess the best way to get legit menswear is to shop at the men’s section, right? Cross over to the other side of the mall and go to the men’s section and start perusing the racks and the shelves for pieces that suit your style. Men’s sizes run big but don’t worry, the bagginess just add more legitimacy to the tomboy feel of your look. If you’re really small and the pieces are really big and it’s overwhelming your body, though, ask for XS and XXS sizes or shop at the teen boy’s section / department instead.

denim on denim tomboy look tomboy chic style

  • Don’t wear anything too tight – unlike dressing up as a complete girly girl, achieving the tomboy style requires that you wear nothing too tight and nothing that hugs your figure too much. You’ll want clothes that fit at least half a size bigger than your normal size so that there’s plenty of room for you to move around in for comfort.

cute tomboy look street style tomboy outfit

  • Trade your heels for sneakers and slip ons – lastly, to complete your tomboy look. ditch your heels (and girly looking flats, too) and trade them for slip ons and sneakers instead. These are the perfect kinds of footwear to go with a tomboy look and they’re super comfy, too. If you don’t want to go all out on the tomboy style, though, you’re free to keep your heels or other pairs of girly shoes and wear them to keep your outfit still a little girly.

cool tomboy look pretty tomboy outfit