How To Transition Your Clothes From Day To Evening

Most of us has busy lives to live. Working for your career during the day and unwinding during the night. Sure, most of you might not even have anywhere to go by evening other than the comfort of your couch and television. But it always pays to be ready beforehand–especially when you live far from your office. To stop by your house to get ready for the night out is a hassle and a waste of energy–both your own physical one and your car’s.

Transitioning your day clothes seamlessly into the night is the best and most efficient way to go. And it’s hassle-free. Here are some tips on how to transition your clothes from day to evening.

The first thing you want to remember when transitioning your clothes from day to night is the clothes’ capability to be transitioned seamlessly. In other words, you want to pick versatile garments. These clothes can be worn in any time, place, or occasion. They are the perfect TPO clothes, as I’d like to call them. A great example of versatile clothes? A simple dress. If you slip on a cardigan and sneakers or flats, it’s a perfect day outfit. Take away the cardigan and replace the flats with funky heels and it’s perfect for the night.

black dress and cardiganblack dress and caged sandals

Sometimes, all it takes is know what to pair with your bottoms or tops to create an easy transition from day to night. For instance, you could be wearing a simple pair of grey jeans and it’ll be so easy to transition that jeans from day to night just by replacing the top to pair with it. Casual and loose tops giving off a relaxed and laid back atmosphere are usually great for day outfits while dressy tops are wonderful for the evening. This could also go the other way. You might have a simple crisp white shirt and you can pair a tailored black trousers with it for your everyday work outfit and then replace that with an edgy metallic skirt for the night.

jeans and casual shirt

jeans and dressy top

Finding the right accessories will also help out in transitioning your outfit from day to evening. For instance, just changing your shoes will already change the overall impression of your outfit from becoming a standard work attire to party-appropriate. Sneakers, flats and your standard work heels are often associated to day outfits while any footwear with spikes, glitters or any eye-grabbing accents are fitting for the evening.

pink dress and sneakers

pink dress and metallic shoes

Jewelries are another thing that you can replace to transition your day outfit smoothly to the night. Conservative and simple jewelries are commonly used during the day while you want to go all out with statement necklaces and silver bangles towards the night.

simple pendant necklacestatement necklace outfit

Do you work in uniformed work environment like in a hospital where your work clothes (the scrubs, in this case) can simply not be used for going out at night without looking too conspicuous? Or maybe the night out your friends or coworkers planned is still tentative but you want to be ready either way? Well, it’s always best to stick to your handy LBD since black dresses are still a stunning outfit whatever occasion you might attend to.

black dress outfitlittle black dress

But how are you going to bring these pieces without looking like you’re to eager for the night to come? If you have a car, you can always keep them inside. But if you don’t, then the best thing to do is bring a tote bag large enough for you to put your night clothes inside just until you reach your office or desk and keep them there all day. For this, it’s always great to roll up your clothes to keep them organized inside.

Miranda Kerr leather totelarge tote bag

Lastly, you don’t want to forget your makeup. A woman’s makeup for daytime are usually simple with nude lipsticks, a subtle touch of blush and foundation. But for the night, you want to enhance them. Turn those simple winged-tip eyeliner into an all-out smokey eye that will emphasize your eyes or bring a bold lip color in your bag for an easy retouch. But don’t do both of these together. That will be overkill.

red lipstick

Beauty YouTuber TheMakeupChair created a video of a Day To Night makeup in 5 easy steps here.

day makeup

night makeup