How to Wear a Backpack with Style

Backpacks may not be on the top of today’s fashionistas’ ‘must have’ list but we strongly believe that everyone should have at least one in case you need it. one of the reasons why not a lot of women choose to carry backpacks everyday is because it doesn’t go well with most of their outfits. Most of the time, most women would rather carry a shoulder bag, a sling, a clutch, a satchel – anything but a backpack. It’s just too rugged for a woman’s feminine fashion style. Today though, you’ll find backpack designs that would look well even with a dressy outfit. Here are ideas on how to wear a backpack with style:

  • The traditional way – nothing beats the traditional way of wearing a backpack, especially if it’s loaded with stuff you need to lug around with you all day. The traditional way of wearing a backpack is to wear it on both shoulders. This allows a more even weight distribution so that it doesn’t give you back pains or back aches. It’s a perfect way to wear your backpack with style if you’re trying to get the ‘school girl’ look or the ‘preppy look’. it’s also very convenient because it lets you use both hands freely after you put your backpack on.

traditional traditional backpack traditional backpack style

  • One-shoulder style – this is a more chic way to wear your backpack with style. Wearing your backpack on one shoulder only is not recommended if it’s heavy and full of stuff inside because the weight will only rest on the shoulder that the backpack’s strap is on. Rather, you may wear your backpack like this if it’s light and not so full. It’s very cool, laidback and relaxed but you would have to use one hand to constantly support the straps to keep them from falling.

one shoulder one shoulder backpack one shoulder backpack style

  • Carry around – if you’re backpack is super light and you don’t feel like wearing them on your shoulders, you can always just carry it around. This is another laidback and relaxed way of carrying a backpack. When you wear your backpack like this, make sure you adjust the straps so they aren’t dragged on the ground.

carry around carry around backpack carry around backpack style

Make sure to never overload your backpack with stuff. This may cause your backpack to tear and break and it can also make carrying / wearing your backpack a lot more difficult.  Also, be very vigilant when wearing a backpack because it’s very easy to pick stuff from behind.