How to Wear a Beanie with Style

During the colder season when days are a lot chillier, clothing and accessories that help keep us warm are always a must. These include boots, scarves and of course, beanies. Beanies are very useful for keeping your head warm but it’s also a great way to add a cool vibe to your outfit. There are different styles and designs for beanies and along with that, there are also different ways on how to wear a beanie with style. Here are some that you might want to try the next time you decide to wear a beanie:

  • The ordinary – there’s nothing easier than simply wearing your beanie over your forehead and dragging it down at an angle to the back of your head with your ears being covered to keep them warm. This is the most common and most popular way of wearing a beanie and it is perfect for a casual outfit. It’s very easy to do and also very stylish – something we all want.

ordinary beanie style ordinary beanie wearing style

  • Hair out and down – another common but very cute way of wearing a beanie is to just put it on over your hair with your hair out and down. This look is very pretty with your hair moving every time the wind blows on it. Another good thing with wearing your beanie like this is that you wouldn’t need to worry about styling your hair prior to and after wearing it.

hair out from beanie

hair out of beanie

  • Wear with braided hair – if you want something that’s more feminine and fun, you can also opt for wearing your beanie over braided hair. A side braid will add a little bit of a romantic vibe to your look. Braided pigtails, on the other hand, add a much younger and more fun feel to your look. wearing your beanie over braided hair also has sort of a boho / hippie-ish vibe to it which is super pretty and cool.

braided hair and beanie braid and beanie

  • With bangs or fringes – beanies are the perfect way to keep your bangs or fringes in place. Whether you have full bangs or side swept fringes, your hair will look better with a beanie on it for the colder season. However, if you’ve got bangs in an awkward length and you’re not comfortable with wearing you beanie over them, just pin them back and keep them in the beanie instead.

bangs with beanie bangs and beanie

  • Folded – some beanies are simply made to fit in a more slouchy manner than the others. If you’ve got a slouchy, loose fitting beanie that is too long for you, you can wear it folded. You can fold your beanie on the front or your can drag it backwards and fold the excess length.

folded beanie hat folded beanie hat