How to Wear a Choker

The choker trend is making a comeback from the nineties and a huge one at that! Celebs are starting to add this piece of accessory to their arsenal of accessories and so should you. Don’t worry about getting that 90s vibe all over if that’s not the look you’re going for (though that one’s pretty hot and on trend right now, too), there are plenty of chokers out there that are sure to give you a more updated look. If you’re dying to wear this trend but just don’t know where to start, check out these tips and ideas on how to wear a choker.

  • NINETIES GRUNGE – here’s the look that I’m talking about and it’s one of the easiest looks to pull off while wearing a choker, too. The nineties grunge look by itself was a pretty popular look back in fall and if you’re looking for tips on how to channel that inner grunge girl in you, check out these fashion must haves for a grunge girl’s wardrobe.

90s grunge outfit 90s grunge 90s grunge look

  • EDITOR’S PICK – you know how those editorial pictures in magazines always seem so fab and glamorous? You can get the same look wearing a choker without blowing up too much cash. Take one of your turtleneck sweaters and layer it with a metal choker on top. It can be either silver or gold, depending on what you like and try to stay away from the leather / rubber kind as those tend to cheapen down the look.

editorial turtleneck and choker style editorial style editorial look

  • MODERN GLAM – if you think you can’t pull off a stylish, up to date look while wearing a choker, think again. The key to getting that modern look is to choose a choker with a modern style. Steer clear of leather choker and veer away from the rubber kind – those were the styles that were popular back in the day. Instead, go for metal chokers or a loud and bold statement one that will go with your everyday looks.

modern choker outfit modern choker style modern choker modern gold choker

  • LUXE LAYERS – another way to create a gorgeous look with chokers is to layer them up with longer necklaces. Doing this will lend your outfit a lot of street style cred and make it ooze sophistication. This is a style trick to do when you want to downplay the luxe vibe on a certain choker with a rather glamorous look like a pearl one or a diamond-studded one.

layered choker and dainty necklaces layered dainty jewelry and stacked rings layered necklaces with choker beyonce layered with choker

  • GOTH GIRL – not too keen on the girly glam look? How about going goth? A lace choker is usually worn for goth looks but leather and rubber works, too, especially if you have a cross charm / pendant to attach to it. Don on a black ensemble, maybe some dark goth makeup and you’re good to go.

goth girl choker goth leather choker and cross pendant