How to Wear a Chunky Cardigan

Now that winter is here again, chunky sweaters are going to steal the scene. Chunky sweaters are loved by a lot of women because they’re very comfortable to wear. They can be worn at any given time and day, no matter if you’re creating a look that’s casual or a little bit dressier. There are different ways to wear a chunky sweater with style, here are some of them:

  • Oversized – most chunky cardigans are knitted which is why they’re very cozy to wear. When shopping for a chunky cardigan and you come by an oversized one, don’t put it back in the racks. An oversized cardigan is perfect if you want something quick to wear on a cold day. Just throw it on over whatever you’re wearing and you’ve got a perfectly chic laidback outfit for any cold day.

oversized chunky cardi oversized chunky cardigan outfit oversized chunky cardigan

  • Choose one that’s the same length as your dress – if you’re planning on wearing a chunky cardigan over a dress, it would be best to choose one that is as long as your dress or one that has almost the same length as your dress. This style will make your outfit look more cohesive. This is also ideal if you’re wearing something short and sexy for a special event and you need something to cover you up before you reach your destination, almost like what a coat would be used for.

dress and chunky cardigan outfit dress and chunky cardigan

  • Wear it printed and patterned – because we tend to gravitate more to choosing darker colors for our outfits during colder seasons, a printed or patterned chunky cardigan would be a great way to add a nice splash of color. One of the hottest print and pattern today, the tribal print / pattern, is very popular in cardigans. Of course, there are also other prints and patterns like striped, Chevron patterns, florals and whatnot. The choice is yours.

printed chunky cardi printed chunky cardigan outfit printed chunky cardigan

  • Belted chunky cardigan – a chunky cardigan, no matter how nice or how stylish, always tends to make you look a little bulkier. If you aren’t comfortable with the extra bulk you get from wearing a chunky cardigan or if you simply want to look sexier while wearing one, the simplest thing to do is wear a belt with it. This will help you create / show off sexy curves by the waist. It’s also a nice way to polish up a rather casual look.

belted chunky cardi belted chunky cardigan