How to Wear a Denim Vest

Denim is such a versatile fabric that you can wear with anything anytime and anywhere. We all love a good denim jacket in our closets to wear on top of certain outfits to make it more stylish and to keep us warm as well but since the temps are starting to drop, the denim jacket may have to rest for a while. So, what can you wear as an alternative to your good ol’ denim jacket during the warmer months? I think a denim vest is the closest you can get when it comes to looking for a denim jacket sub. It’s just as versatile as a denim jacket and it has the same look but it’s much lighter, cooler and easier to wear in general. If you’re looking for tips on how to wear a denim vest, check out these outfit ideas below.

  • Cropped – for a denim vest that would look great with your casual and street style outfits, try a cropped denim vest. Cropped denim vests are super cute. They’re very summery but they sure do well during springtime as well. Cropped denim vests can be worn on top of just about anything and everything you have in your closet.

cropped denim vest

  • With a maxi skirt – one really good way to mix both casual and feminine looks is to wear a maxi skirt with a cute denim vest. It’s very spring-y, it’s easy, laidback, casual and relaxed yet it has that feminine vibe to it that makes the look really pretty.

sheer maxi and denim vest

  • On top of a dress – another springtime outfit idea that you can very well recreate is the combination of a cute dress with a denim vest on top. This outfit combination is perfect for spring and summer because it doesn’t have too many layers and it isn’t complicated at all.

white dress and denim vest

  • With a tank top – if you just want a plain and simple but cute and stylish outfit that you can wear on lazy spring and summer days, just throw on a tank top and wear a denim vest on top. This look is a classic, especially for summer. You can wear this look with jeans or with shorts.

easy denim vest outfit

  • Denim trench vest – denim trench vests are super simple to pull off. You can wear one if you want to spice up a t-shirt and jeans / shorts kind of outfit and just add a bit more texture and layer to it. Go for a rough and boyish look by keeping your denim trench vest open or polish it up a little by wearing closed and belted.

denim trench vest

  • With a bandeau – think bandeau tops are only for the beach? Well, think again! Wear your bandeau as an everyday ordinary piece and make it street style friendly by adding a denim vest on top. This look is perfect on days when it’s super hot and humid outside.

grey bandeau and crop top

  • Distressed – a distressed denim vest is the ultimate piece to reach for if you’re trying to recreate a punk-ish kind of look. Distressing your own denim vest is super easy but if you aren’t sure on how to go about that, you can always buy one already styled and distressed.

distressed and studded denim vest

  • Ombre – if you’re the kind who loves to have a variation of colors and shades in your outfit, you should definitely try making omre denim vests to go with on top of plain and simple tops. Bleach is often used to achieve this effect though you can also try the dip dye method.

ombre contrast denim vest dip dyed denim vest