How to Wear a Faux Fur Item this Winter

Faux fur is the cheaper, better and animal cruelty-free version of real fur. Faux fur items look just as lavish and elegant as real fur but they’re better in so many ways that people often choose faux fur over real fur. Anything covered in faux fur is considered a ‘luxury’ piece because of its very posh look. This winter, faux fur is in. Faux fur items are designed not only to make an outfit look good, it’s also designed to keep whoever wears it warm. Here are some ideas on how you can wear a faux fur item this winter.

  • Wear a faux fur vest – a faux fur vest, although most of the time made sleeveless, can still help generate warmth during the cold winter days. A faux fur vest would go better with a more casual outfit like the sweater, jeans and boots kind of stuff rather than with a dressier ensemble. Faux fur vests with hoodies are also available and they’re perfect if you want to feel extra warm and cozy.  If you want to wear a faux fur vest with a dress, you will have to make sure to choose the really thick, chunky and lavish kind.

faux fur vest and dress faux fur vest white faux fur vest

  • Faux fur jacket – if you want something that’s going to keep you really dry and warm this winter, especially during the later part when the temperature drops ever so dramatically,  you should consider getting yourself a really nice faux fur jacket. Like faux fur vests, some faux fur jackets also come with hoodies to keep your head and ears warm, in case you don’t like wearing a bonnet or a beanie. Faux fur jackets can be worn with either casual or formal clothes.

faux fur jacket jacket faux fur

  • Faux fur coat – a faux fur coat is technically just a longer version of the faux fur jacket. However, a faux fur coat is often worn on top of a dress, especially an evening gown, in order to keep you warm while you navigate the streets going to a formal event. Also, there are only very few designers that make faux fur coats with hoodies because they’re meant to be dressier and more formal.

faux fur coat outfit faux fur coat faux fur coat and dress

  • Faux fur trimmed boots – add a touch of girly elegance in your footwear by wearing faux fur trimmed boots. You’ll find faux fur trimmed boots almost anywhere and they are available on most styles of boots. You can wear them with dresses and you can wear them with jeans or any other kinds of pants because they’re very versatile.

fur boots fur trimmed boots