How to Wear a Furry Vest

Now that winter is almost here, furry vests are once again slowly entering the fashion scene. In all honesty, it’s not that difficult to see why a lot of women go gaga over these furry vests. They’re stylish, chic and elegant and at the same time they’re comfy and they do a great job in keeping you warm despite the cold weather. Furry vests have been a staple on runways and in celebrity lookbooks; there’s simply no reason why they should be a part of yours. Here are some style tips on how to wear a furry vest:

  • Wear them for evening events – vests are usually easiest to wear with daytime outfits but furry vests are an exception. Because of the luxe and elegant look and feel of a furry vest, it’s easy to wear it even with dressy outfits for an evening event. If you’re planning to add a furry vest to your evening ensemble, go for sleeker colors like black or white. Wearing furry vests that are thick and super soft to the touch add much more luxuriousness to your outfit.

 evening wear outfit evening wear

  • Create a casual chic outfit – if you like wearing comfy casual clothes but want to dress it up a bit to take things up a notch, there’s really no need for a wardrobe revamp or a closet overhaul. All you need is a simple furry vest. Whatever casual outfit you create, whether it’s jeans or shorts with any kind of shirt, adding a furry vest will surely and instantly glam it up and make it look more sophisticated.

 casual look

casual outfit casual

  • Leather and fur go together – leather is one of the hottest and biggest craze not just today but of all time. You just can’t stay away from leather, whether it’s leather pants, jacket, skirt or shorts, especially during the colder seasons. Leather has a very sleek and sophisticated look to it and when worn with a furry vest, it creates a very chic and luxurious ensemble. If you’re concerned that both these fabrics originally come from animals, you can always take the animal-friendly route and go for both faux leather and faux fur. Cruelty free but equally stylish.

 leather and fur vest leather and fur

  • Wear it with a belt – this styling tip actually goes for anything that tends to add bulk to your overall look and a furry vest is one of those. If you aren’t confident about looking bulky but love the way a furry vest looks and feels, you can simply add a belt to the waist to create curves. It would also be a good idea to go for slimmer types of furry vests.

belted fur vest belted belt and fur vest