How to Wear a Green Dress

Anytime you get invited to an event within such short notice, you tend to resort to your good old trusty Little Black Dress. And why not? It’s easy to style, it can take you from day to night, you can wear it on its own, and, because of the countless times you’ve worn it, you know each and every angle in it that makes you look good, especially in photos. No matter how classy your little black dress is, though, it can get pretty old and soon enough people are going to recognize that dress. Why not try something new, for a change? Something that’s not black, something that’s going to make you pop, perhaps something like a green dress. If you’re not sure how to go about this, here are some of our tips on how to wear a green dress and really look good in it.

  • Wear it with beige – beige is the safest color to wear with a green dress. in fact, it’s one of the safest colors to wear with any color, especially those that are tricky to mix and match with other colors. Wearing beige with a green dress is also perfect and ideal if you want to keep your outfit simple and not too flashy, like perhaps for a luncheon event. You can use a combination of light and dark beige in different accessories to keep your outfit from looking muted.

beige and green beige and green outfit

  • Wear it with black – now, if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone of wearing black but would still like to try wearing a green dress, you’re in luck! A green dress, no matter what shade of green, will look very classy and sophisticated when worn with black accessories. This combination would work best for night time events or parties.

black and green dress

black and green outfit black and green

  • Wear it printed – a green dress does not always have to come in a solid color. If you want something fun, youthful and casual, you can wear a printed dress with green being the dominant color throughout the print. This is very refreshing to the eyes and is perfect for a laidback and relaxed look. When wearing a printed green dress, you can wear accessories in green or another color that creates beautiful contrast with green.

printed green dress outfit printed green dress

  • For a festive look – if you’re planning to wear a green dress for the coming holidays or if you simply want to look festive in it, wearing green with gold, silver, pink or red should do the trick for you. It can be tricky to wear these colors with a green dress without looking like wrapping paper but the secret, really, is to choose a dress that’s well-tailored to fit you and one that has a very elegant design.

green and gold outfit green and gold green festive