How to Wear a Jumpsuit with Style

Jumpsuits are very chic and elegant. They’re like the lady version for kiddie jumpers, only much much more sophisticated. Some women shy away from wearing jumpsuits because they’re afraid that they won’t be able to pull it off. Others don’t even dare to try them on because they have no idea on how they can style a jumpsuit. If you’re one of the ladies who has always been curious about wearing jumpsuits, here are some tips on how to wear a jumpsuit with style:

  • Get a black jumpsuit – black is like the ultimate go-to color for women when it comes to clothing regardless of their body shape / figure, their height, their skin tone and all other factors. It’s a universal color that looks good on everyone. Because of this, it would be safest to get a black jumpsuit for starters. Not to mention, they have a slimming effect too – a bonus for women on the plus side.

black jumpsuit outfit

black jumpsuit

  • Get the right fit – jumpsuits are meant to be classy and sophisticated so make sure that when you buy a jumpsuit, it fits you to the T. This means you have to stay away from jumpsuits that are too tight and fitted as it may look like you’re wearing an awkward bodysuit instead of a jumpsuit and steer clear of ones that are too loose and baggy, too. Your jumpsuit should have just enough room for you to comfortably move around in.

right fir jumpsuit

right fit


  • Adding height – jumpsuits are a great way to fake height. Because jumpsuits are one-piece clothing items, they often have unbroken lines from the upper half to the lower half which gives the illusion of height. You can maximize this effect by wearing shoes, preferable heels, with pointed toes. This is especially perfect for petite women.

 pointy heels and jumpsuit pointy heels

  • Wear minimal accessories – because of the very elegant and sophisticatedly chic look of a jumpsuit, accessories are often deemed unnecessary. However, if you’re a fan of accessories and can’t leave the house without them then at least try to keep it down to a minimum. Perhaps one chunky statement ring or pair of gorgeous drop down earrings should be enough.

minimal accessories on jumpsuit minimal accessories


  • Wear it with a belt – because most jumpsuits are a bit loose-fitting, it can conceal your body shape. If you’ve got an hourglass figure and you want to show off your curves in a jumpsuit, what you can do is to wear a belt with it.

belted jumpsuit belted jumpsuit outfit