How to wear a Long Tank Top

Tank tops – every girl, for sure, has one. This piece of clothing is one of the most basic you’ll find in a girl’s closet and though they may be simple, a few accessories and customization here and there could revolve around this single piece of clothing item.

It’s no wonder why some stock up on tank tops. You’ll find that they have these in every color, style ad brand. However, there’s always going to be that one (or two) tank top that’s going to be a little longer than you expected. So, how do you style this? Here are a few tips:

tank on tank

  • Wear them with leggings – because your tank top is longer than usual, this means that it probably falls somewhere right around your booty. This is  just the perfect length to pair with leggings. If your tank top is in a solid color, try pairing them with printed leggings to add an element of fun and do the same vice versa.

tank top printed leggings

long tank top

  • Layer with another tank top or tube top – if your long tank top’s neckline goes a little lower than you would like, you can wear another tank top beneath it or a tube top to cover up some skin. This combo can be worn with shorts and is perfect for summer.

layer tank top

tank top layer

  • Wear it as a dress – if your tank top is long enough to cover a decent part of your legs, then you can wear them as a dress. If you don’t feel to confident about this, you can always have cycling shorts or tights underneath. Accessorize with a belt to cinch the waist area and emphasize your curves. You can also wear a cropped top over it to add more detail.

tank top dress

long tank top dress

  • With high waisted skirt or pants – you can tuck your long tank top in with a high waisted pair of pants or a skirt. This combination looks very chic and sassy and is a great way to wear long tank tops.

highwaisted shorts and tank top

high waisted skirt and tank top

  • With a cardigan – the simplest way to dress up a plain, boring tank top is to wear it with a cardigan. This look is not only very easy to put together, it’s also very convenient because you can always take the cardigan off when things start to get hot. If you’re wearing a long tank top with an interesting detail in front like a print or a lace detail, keep your cardigan open to show it off.

cardigan tank top

long tank top and skinny jeans + cardigan

long tank top

short sweater with long tank topshort sweater long tank top