How to Wear a Midi Skirt

Skirts can be tricky to wear. You will have to figure out which styles flatter yiur figure and which ones don’t.  Of course, the length of your skirt is a whole other issue. Some women are troubled by how long their legs seem to be for miniskirts while others complain that their legs aren’t long enough to make them look good in maxi skirts. If you’re one of these women who often encounter issues between skirt length and your legs, you’re in luck! This season, midi skirts are hot. They’re the perfect middle ground between miniskirts and maxi skirts and what’s more is that the length of midi skirts is just right, no matter how long or short your legs are.

So, how do you wear a midi skirt you ask? Well, it all really depends on the look that you’re going for. There are lots of ways that you can wear your midi skirts. Here are some ideas that might help you out:

  • Wear it high waisted – got sexy long legs that you want to make the most of? Midi skirts are perfect for just that! Go for a high waisted midi skirt if you’ve got long legs and pair it with flat footwear so that you don’t seem too freakishly tall. High waisted midi skirts are also good for when you want to emphasize your waist, especially if you wear a belt with it. Women whose legs are not so long can still wear high waisted midi skirts but be sure to wear heels with it to create the illusion of height. Tucking your shirt in or wearing a crop top would look best with a high waisted midi skirt.

highwaisted midi highwaisted

  • Go for pencil cut midi skirts – looking for a midi skirt that can universally flatter any figure? Pencil cute midi skirts are what you need. Pencil cut midi skirts look fabulous on any body shape or figure, making it really easy for anyone to pull off. The cut also gives your midi skirt, and your outfit as a whole, a very posh and sophisticated look. A pencil cut midi skirt can be worn with any top and can be used to create different looks.

pencil cut midi skirt

pencil cut midi

pencil cut

  • Full midi skirts – if you’re looking for a midi skirt style that will suit your feminine sense of style well,a full midi skirt is what you need. A full midi skirt has a very enchanting and captivating look. it’s very chic and girly and it gives your whole outfit a nice romantic twist. However, this midi skirt style does not exactly flatter all sorts of figures. Full midi skirts work best with women who are on the lighter side and may not look too well for women on the plus side.

full midi full midi skirt

  • Wear pleated midi skirts – if you’re looking for a midi skirt that’s very chic, posh and elegant, you should definitely go for pleated midi skirts. Most pleated midi skirts are made from light, sheer material and just have a more opaque fabric underneath for good measure so be careful when wearing one on a windy day. Pleated midi skirts have a soft and gentle look about them that’s perfect if you want something dainty and girly.

pleated midi pleated pleated midi skirt