How to Wear a Poncho

Sweater weather is here again but that doesn’t mean you should live in sweaters and jackets all season long. There are countless ways to keep yourself warm once summer ends and the temps start to drop. Wearing sweaters, jackets and hoodies are one of the most common ways to do that and layering is another cool trick to look stylish and keep yourself warm but if you’re looking for a trendier alternative, why not try wearing ponchos? Pochos are all over the place in every Fashion Week leg and everyone’s wearing them, from the editors of iconic magazines down to your favorite models and fashionistas. Here are some tips and ideas on how to wear a poncho in case you’re thinking off adding this sassy warmer to your fall wardrobe.

  • Go big or go home – if you asked me a year or two ago how you should be wearing a poncho, I’d say keep it to a manageable size: not too small that it looks fitted nor too big that you look like you’re drowning in it. This year, though, the trends have changed and when it comes to wearing ponchos, it’s go big or go home. Overwhelmingly oversized ponchos are everything this fall and you just need to remember one thing to pull it off: silhouette balance.

olivia palermo poncho outfit oversized poncho outfit oversized poncho sweater

  • Slim fit bottom silhouettes – now, speaking of balancing out your silhouette, choosing what bottoms to wear with a poncho is just as important. Choose bottoms that have a slim fit to balance out your top heavy silhouette when wearing a poncho. Bottoms like skinny jeans and leggings are top choices though you can also do like the models at Fashion Week did and wear your poncho with shorts and knee-high (some thigh-high) socks or booties to get the slimmest bottom silhouette.

leggings and gray poncho red boots and poncho black tights and poncho

  • Choose an interesting print – if solid colors are not your thing, you can add more detail and color to you look by going with a printed poncho. Choose an interesting print to keep your outfit looking exceptional. This is perfect if you’re wearing plain, dark and simple colors for the rest of your outfit.

chevron printed poncho tribal print poncho plaid poncho with belt

  • Try fringed ponchos – if you love channeling your inner Bohemian goddess with your looks, you’ll surely love fringed ponchos. Fringe for fall is another trend that’s getting bigger by the day for this season and a fringed poncho is the perfect piece to reach for if you need something to top off your fall Boho look with.

silk fringed poncho black fringed poncho knitted fringe poncho

  • Svelte with a belt – if your body type isn’t they kind that can afford extra bulk up top, you can still wear a poncho as long as you cinch it by the waist and secure it with a belt. This way, you still achieve a shapely silhouette instead of a chunky, baggy and ill-formed one.

black poncho and black belt brown poncho with belt