How to Wear a Puffer Jacket

Winter means bundling up in cozy clothes which can also mean doing more loads of laundry. To avoid this and save up on water and electricity, what you can do is to go for pieces that are thick and warm enough that you can wear on top of just about anything without having to layer too much. A good example of this piece would be a nice puffer jacket. These are not only good at keeping your warm, they’re also very stylish and chic. Here are some styling tips on how to wear a puffer jacket. These tips will surely come in handy this winter.

  • Use a puffer jacket for an all black ensemble – wearing all black is one of the hottest trends every time the season changes from warm to cold. Dark colors, in general, are the colors that are most prominent during these times. One rule to wearing an all black ensemble is to mix up the types of fabrics and a puffer jacket is often made from fabrics that have nice texture to them. A black puffer jacket is also a nice addition to your winter wardrobe because it will go with any item in your closet.

black puffer jacket black

  • Go sleek – a lot of women try to steer clear from puffer jackets because they think the only variant is the one that makes you look like the Michelin man. However, there are lots of different styles of puffer jackets including those that have a sleek and sexy design. if you’re not all for adding much bulk to your physique, go for puffer jackets with a chevron patterned seam. Diagonal seams are a great choice, too.

sleek puffer jacket


  • Keep it slim – now, we all know that adding bulk, even if it’s very minimal, is inevitable when wearing a puffer jacket so make sure that you create the perfect balance between items in your outfit by keeping all the other pieces slim. This means that you should wear no other piece that’s bulky. Skinny jeans, leggings or tights make great bottoms when wearing puffer jackets. You can also keep your puffer jacket open instead of closed and bundled up.

slim puffer jacket slim

  • Find the perfect length – it’s very important to know how long or short you can go with a puffer jacket before it starts looking like it’s too puffy or like it’s going to eat you up and swallow you. if you’re not too sure about the perfect length for your puffer jacket, mid length is always the safest way to go. Get a puffer jacket that hits mid thigh and avoid going any longer than that.

perfect length for puffer perfect length

  • Wear it with a belt – if you’re trying to avoid the very bulky look that a puffer jacket can give you but you love the comfort and warmth that it gives, what you can do is wear your puffer jacket with a belt. This will create a waist for you and will keep you from creating a shapeless silhouette. If you’renot sure on how to go about adding a belt to your puffer jacket, you can buy one that comes with a built in belt instead.

belted belted puffer