How to Wear a Tribal Skirt

A tribal skirt can be a very cute way to spice up your outfit and add a lot of color and texture to it. It’s a very good addition to your closet if you want something that you can wear anytime for a casual ensemble. However, a lot of women find it tricky to wear a tribal skirt. Whether it’s because of the print, the combination of oh-so-many colors, or the overall look of a tribal skirt, if you’re having second thoughts on what to wear with this cute piece, read on because we’ve got some tips for you,

  • With a white shirt – for the perfect summer outfit that you can wear on a day to day basis, a crisp white tee shirt and a cute tribal skirt makes a great combination. This look is very clean, fresh and simple. It’s also very easy to wear so anyone can wear this without having to put in too much effort to look good. White shirts are very easy to pair with anything so it doesn’t matter that your tribal skirt is black and white or full of all other colors. This outfit can go well with both heels and flats or even sneakers or trainers.

white top and tribal skirt white shirt and tribal skirt white shirt and tribal skirt outfit

  • With a denim shirt – if you want an outfit that’s casual but looks a little more polished, you can always wear your tribal skirt with a denim shirt instead of a tee. This gives you a dressier ensemble that looks more well-put together. You can also opt for a chambray shirt or top if you like the looks of denim but want a softer and more comfortable feel.

denim shirt and tribal skirt denim top and skirt

  • Do a monochromatic look – create a very cohesive look by going for a monochromatic outfit. This can be achieved by wearing a top in a plain and solid color the same as the dominant color from your tribal skirt. For example, if you’ve got a colorful skirt with green as the dominating color, you can wear a green top with it as well. You can wear the same exact color or go for a different shade.

monochromatic monochromatic outfit monochromatic look

  • Get trendy with print on print – print on print is one of the hottest trends when it comes to fashion right now. The combination of a printed top with printed bottoms and accessories works like a charm, especially if you’re bold enough to carry this trend with confidence. The key to a successful print on print pairing is balance. Big prints on top call for smaller prints on the bottom and vice versa. Some popular prints that fashionistas love pairing with a tribal skirt are animal prints and stripes. Graphic shirts also work well with this.

print on print outfit print on print