How to Wear a Tulle Skirt (Without Looking Like a Ballerina)

A tulle skirt can be really cute or really tacky, depending on how you wear it. To give this childhood dress-up favorite a more grown up vibe, you’ll need to pair it up with really chic and sophisticated clothes. If you’re looking for ways to tweak this piece and make it work for your street style looks, check out these tips on how to wear a tulle skirt without looking like a ballerina.

  • KEEP IT GIRLY – just because you’re avoiding the ballerina look doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your girly style anymore. You can keep your outfit girly by wearing your tulle skirt with soft and dainty colors like pastels and other lighter hues or you can also achieve the girly look by wearing your tulle skirt with  a top that has dainty details like lace.

girly holiday outfit girly pink and white outfit girly soft look

girly tulle and lace outfit

  • CREATE A VINTAGE CLASSIC – a tulle is the perfect thing to get you started on conjuring up a classic vintage look. Go for really ritzy details and accents and add accessories like cat-eye sunnies to give your look an even stronger retro-ish look and feel to it. For a glitzy-glamorous vintage classic, choose to accessorize with pearl jewelry.

vintage classic outfit vintage glam outfit

  • AIM FOR A CASUAL LOOK – another really easy way to make your tulle skirt blend in with your everyday wardrobe is to wear it with casual clothes and accessories. Try pairing up your tulle skirt with just a t-shirt and flats or you can also wear it with a denim jacket or a chambray top. Tuck your shirt in so you still get that prim and proper look instead of a sloppy one. If you’re feeling frisky and adventurous, go ahead and wear your tulle skirt with sneakers. It’s not easy to pull off but if you can then why not?

casual midi tutu and tank top outfit casual tulle and chambray outfit casual tulle skirt outfit casual white tutu

  • GO FOR SOME GLITZ AND GLAMOUR – a party is one of the best and most perfect excuses to wear your tulle skirt. Amp up the fanciness of this piece and wear it with something shiny and bright to add that fun, glitzy and glamorous vibe to your look.

glam metallic tulle glam holiday look

  • MIX AND MATCH TEXTURES – make an interesting outfit by wearing your tulle skirt with a top that has a different texture. This winter, you can try to mix and match tulle with knitwear or fur. It’ll give your outfit a more interesting overall look.

texture play tulle and leather tulle skirt and gur gilet texture play tulle and knit

  • STIR UP A SASSY STREET STYLE LOOK – lastly, for an outfit that’s sure to turn you into a head-turner, give your tulle skirt that street style edgy vibe and wear it with a crop top or a muscle tank. Try not to go over the top with the rest of your outfit since tulle already is a statement piece in and of itself.

street style party look street style posh look street style statement look street style fun look