How to Wear Animal Print

Animal print in fashion has always been around and they’re one of the pretty trends that never went out of style at all. Every year, you watch and read all about what’s on trend and never miss seeing how designers dress their models in animal print and how clothing brands tease and tickle your fashion fancies with a full line of everything in animal print.

Whether or not you should buy something to wear in animal print should not be a question. It’s clear that every woman who is passionate about fashion and loves looking stylish should own at least one piece of clothing item that has animal print on it, whether it’s a dress, a shirt, pants or accessories like scarves, ,hats or even shoes. If you’re clueless about how to wear animal print without committing a fashion faux pas, here are some styling tips you could use to boost your confidence about wearing these fun and fabulous trend:

  • Size matters – when wearing anything in animal print, remember that the size of the print matters and that it plays a key role in mixing, matching, layering and completing your outfit. if you want something simple without too much going on everywhere, go for bigger animal prints on your clothes as they can stand out on their own. If you’d like to mix or match or layer with other print designs, choose smaller animal prints so as not to make your outfit look too ‘busy’.

small animal prints and stripeschunky animal print top

  • Don’t go too wild – doing animal print all over your outfit can be a little tricky to pull off but is sure can be done. However, such a style can look too wild. If you’re fierce and bold with your fashion style and would like to keep it wild without getting odd looks from the crowd, all you have to do is tone it down by adding a plain and neutral piece to balance everything out.

denims and animal printsv

animal print shorts and sweater

animal print dress and neutral accessories

  • Add a pop of color – since animal prints often have an earthy color and tone to them, adding a bright pop of color can be a great, fun way of spicing your outfit up, especially if you’re wearing animal prints during the summer.

bright sweater and animal printspoc and animal prints

  • Use it to accessorize – during autumn and fall, we tend to wear dark colors all over. Think black top, black pants, and black boots. This has become a ‘norm’ for fall and winter fashion but the norm can be boring and dated. Make your fall and winter outfits more lively and interesting by accessorizing in animal prints. An animal print scarf can instantly add an oomph to an all black outfit and an animal print purse will surely stand out from your dark ensemble.

 animal print bootsanimal print purse