How to Wear Boots with Dress and Look Fab

The colder seasons of fall and winter are once again upon us which means that, to the fashionistas out there, it’s boots season again! Whether you wear boots to keep your legs warm or just to be in with the fall and winter footwear trend, it’s no doubt that wearing boots is bound to become inevitable. Now, you may think that you can only wear your boots with shorts and pants and this may cause you to limit your wardrobe options to such but before you do, read this article and find out how you can expand your wardrobe choice by learning how to wear boots with dress.

  • Go country – if you want to channel a classic country look, go for something frilly like a really cute and feminine lacey dress and pair it with a pair of fringe country cowgirl boots. This combination is popularly sported by country music singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It’s a very nice and down to earth look that you can wear any day.

cowgirl boots and dress cowgirl boot with dress

  • Wear high boots for warmth – if you’re planning to wear your boots with a dress during the colder seasons of fall and winter, go for high boots. High boots will keep your legs covered instead of leaving them exposed thus providing you with much needed warmth. You can also wear tights or leggings with your boots and dress combo to get extra warmth, especially during winter.

high boots and dress

highcut boots

  • Heavy boots complement long dresses – if you are not so much into stiletto boots, heavy boots with chunky heels and an industrial vibe should be perfect for you. You can wear your heavy boots with maxi dresses and it will look super fabulous and sophisticated. However, do avoid wearing a pair of beat up boots. Save those for pairing with jeans, instead. This look can be worn during spring or fall.

heavy boots maxi dress heavy boots and maxi

  • Ankle boots and dress – for a very casual day to day look, a cute pair of ankle boots can be worn with a simple dress. This look is perfect for either summer or spring and it looks really fun and young. You can wear this look to the mall, you can wear it to school (just make sure the length of your dress complies with your school’s dress code policy) and just about anywhere.

ankle boots and dress ankle boots and tank dress

  • Wearing boots with a short dress – thigh high or knee high boots look very gorgeous and sexy when worn with very short dresses. It exudes a very sophisticated and confident air. However, this look may not be very appropriate as an everyday outfit but rather for nighttime events and parties.

short dress knee high bootsshort dress sexy heels

Cowboy boots :

cowboy boots with girly dress

skirt and cowboy boots

DR Martens:

dr martens and  dress