How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are those that are often loose and baggy with some sort of distressing on them. These jeans have a tomboy look to them and they’re made to look like you just borrowed a pair from your boyfriend’s closet, thus the name. These are also more likely worn rolled up at the bottom for an even more rugged look. There are also boyfriend jeans that have a skinnier fit so it all really depends on what look you are going for. Here are some ideas on how to wear boyfriend jeans.

  • With high heels – balance out the ‘manliness’ and the rough and rugged look of boyfriend jeans by wearing a pair of sexy, gorgeous killer heels with it. This is perfect if you enjoy the comfort of boyfriend jeans but aren’t at all too comfortable with looking too tomboy-ish. The heels do a great job in offsetting that vibe.

heels and bf jeans heels

  • Wear them with a button down shirt – boyfriend jeans are meant to be very comfortable and if you like that feature, you can take it even further by wearing button down shirts with it. The combination of a button down shirt and boyfriend jeans make for a very casual and relaxed outfit. Choose plain button downs for dressing down on a lazy day and sheer ones if you want to add a bit of a girly touch to your looks.

button down shirt

button down shirt and jeans

  • With a coat – now that the temperature is really starting to drop dramatically, coats should already be a staple in your wardrobe. You can wear boyfriend jeans with just about anything you have in your closet and you can simply throw on a coat on top if you want a warmer and cozier ensemble. Trench coats are perfect for achieving a very chic but somehow masculine look.

coat and bf jenas coat and by jeans

  • Wear it with a blazer jacket – we know boyfriend jackets are designed to be used as everyday casual wear. It’s something you can use every day on the streets. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look polished and sophisticated in them. For a refined look, go for the slightly tight fitting boyfriend jeans and wear a blazer jacket with it. Choosing a pair with very little distressing helps too.

jacket and bf jeans jacket

  • With flat footwear – another way to max out the comfort you get from boyfriend jeans is to wear flat footwear with them. If you want a girly look, you can go for strappy sandals and ballet flats to go along with your boyfriend jeans but if you’re loving the tomboy vibe, oxford shoes or sneakers will look great with these jeans.

flat footwear and bf jeans flat footwear