How to Wear Capri Pants and Look Chic

Let’s be honest here, not all of us go for Capri pants all the time because they’re not exactly the cutest and most flattering pair of pants to wear with a cute top but there are ways that you can style them so they look good on you. Finding the perfect pair of Capri pants for you can be a bit of work but once you do find it, you’ll see how Capri pants can look chic, after all. Plus, they’re really great to wear if you want to show off a fabulous pair of shoes, right? Here are some tips on how to wear Capri pants and look stylish and chic.


  • Find a pair of Capri that ends at the slimmest part of your legs – to make your Capri pants flatter your legs and make them look longer, make sure that the hem hits the slimmest part of your legs. If the hem hits a part of your legs that are wider then it will only make your legs look stubby and short. Also, unless you have supermodel long legs, I’d advise you not to go for cuffed capris or to cuff your Capri pants for whatever reason because cuffing them also makes your legs look terribly short and stubby.

perfect length capri perfect capri fit

  • Wear them in bright colors – this is one great trick to make any… well, mumsy, piece to look updated, young and hip. Plus, bright colors always make anything more exciting and interesting. I love wearing bright Capri pants for spring and summer because they give just the perfect splash of color for a plain and simple outfit. You can wear them with something as simple as a plain white tee and your outfit would still look great because the vibrant color makes it really pop.

bright yellow capri pants

purple capri pants

  • No pleats, please – you’ll often find that Capri pants have those pleats in the middle – don’t go for those kinds of pants. Let’s just leave pleated Capri pants to the more, err, mature, market shall we? They’re just not as flattering for your legs and, not to mention, they’re kind of passé.

beautiful prints on capri pants plain capri pants

  • Wear them with pointy toe shoes – if you think you’ve already found the perfect pair of Capri pants but they’re not exactly making your legs longer, get a little help from your shoes. Pointy toe shoes always go a great job when it comes to elongating your legs, especially when worn with skirts, shorts or Capri pants. If you want to make your legs especially longer, just wear pointy toe shoes and you’re good to go. Nude colored pointy toe shoes make your legs look exceptionally longer, too.

yellow pointy toe shoes nude pointy flats

  • Pretty prints – another way to make Capri pants look more fund and updated is to wear it printed. Printed pants are super on trend right now and wearing printed Capri pants makes them look younger and more hip. Printed Capri pants aren’t that hard to come by, too. I’m pretty sure they have it in just about every clothing store at the mall.

scrunched printed capri pants printed capri pants