How to Wear Chevron Print Clothes

Yet another trend in prints and patterns have caught our attention: the chevron print. It’s a nice refreshing break from the floral prints from spring and summer and from the plaid and tartan patterns from fall. Well, technically the chevron print made its debut into women’s closets earlier this summer but we love how it’s still taking spots in winter wardrobes today. The chevron print is a combination of diagonal lines built to look like zigzags. This print is often big and bold and oh so very chic. Here are some of the easiest yet pretty ways on how to wear chevron print clothes:

  • Wear a chevron maxi dress – the chevron print is a great choice to pick for maxi dresses because the lines from it can be very flattering and because the flow from a maxi dress is continuous, it makes a great canvass for the chevron print to really stand out and pop. To make wearing a maxi dress doable this winter, wear a jacket or a cardigan over it to protect yourself from the cold or choose a maxi dress with long sleeves.

maxidress chevron maxidress

  • Wear chevron print clothes with neutral colors – the chevron print, or any other print, when worn in smaller print sizes or in many colors can be a little overwhelming. If you’re wearing small chevron prints on your clothes or if you’re wearing a colorful chevron print piece, wear it with neutral colors to create a nicely balanced look. You can wear neutral colored accessories or you can also pair a chevron top with a neutral bottom or vice versa.

neutrals and chevron



  • Mix the chevron print with other print designs – the print on print trend has proven itself to be indispensable to the fashionistas of today and with the chevron print joining in, it’s going to be even more fun this winter! Mix your chevron print clothes with prints such as florals and polka dots to create a fun and whimsical look. Keep in mind that one print has to be big and the other should be kept small for balance.

printed print on print

  • Use it as a fun alternative to stripes – so, we all know how stripes are chic and fab but sometimes the same old straight horizontal or vertical lines tend to look boring, especially when you wear it regularly. If you’re a big fan of stripes, you’re definitely going to love the chevron print. In fact, I bet it won’t be long before this stunning print makes a mark in your wardrobe. The chevron print can be a fun alternative to wearing stripes.


stripe alternative stripe alt

  • Wear it as a fashion statement – nowadays, with fashion, it’s go big or go home. You can’t just leave the house without something that will capture the attention of people as you walk on by. It can be statement jewelry, statement shoes or, if you’re brave and bold, you can make a statement with your clothes. That’s what your chevron print clothes would be really good for: making a statement. Don on a cute pair of colorful chevron prints on a mini dress and pair it with cute neutral colored heels or big bold chevron prints on your pants along with a nice plain top to make a stylish outfit.

statement piece statement