How to Wear Cropped Pants

Cropped pants can only go two ways: you can look super chic and stylish in them or you could look like an old suburban lady lost in the city. The secret, of course, to looking great in cropped pants is to get the perfect pair. By this I mean the cropped pants you buy and wear should have the perfect fit, length and style. Wearing the right pieces with your cropped pants will also help you loads if you want to look fab in cropped pants. When done right, you can get the ultimate model off duty look with these kinds of pants. Check out our tips below on how to wear cropped pants and look fab.

  • Wear the right length – the first and most important thing you need to look for in a pair of cropped pants is the length. Ideally, cropped pants should show a third or less of your skin from the knees to the ankles. Follow this and you’re sure to look a few inches taller that you really are. Anything more than this, though, can make your legs look short and stubby. This is also the perfect length if you want to avoid the old lady pants look. If you’re DIYing your own cropped pants from an old pair of regular pants, roll the cuffs up first and figure out the best length for you before you start to cut and sew.

cropped pants lenght perfect cropped length

  • Wear with pointy toe shoes – if you are a petite lady trying to dress up to look tall, don’t be intimidated by cropped pants. Others may say that these will make you look shorter but as long as you wear them with the right pieces, especially shoes, they CAN make you look taller. To get the most out of the elongating illusion from cropped pants, it’s best to wear them with pointy toe shoes. Pointy toe shoes have been proven to make you look taller because it somehow ‘extends’ your legs, making them look longer and more slender.

shoes for cropped pants

pointy toe shoes and cropped pants

  • Wear the right style and fit – another thing to consider when choosing a pair of cropped pants is the style and fit of the pants. Steer clear of anything that’s too loose. Ill-fitting cropped pants are tacky and they’re never flattering, too. Straight cut and skinny fit are often the best way to wear cropped pants if you want to look fab in them.

fitted cropped pants cropped pants perfect fit

  • Wear them in bright colors – if you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up your outfit or if you simply want to add a pop of color to it, you should definitely consider getting yourself a pair of two of cropped pants that come in bright, bold and vibrant colors. It’s one way to make cropped pants a lot cooler and more hip, too.

copper red cropped pants pink cropped pants

  • Wear them with prints – now, if you want to add a bit more detail to your outfit and you think that plain, solid, bold colors are just too much for you or for the outfit you have in mind, how about wearing a pair of printed cropped pants instead? It’s a nice way to add a casual, relaxed and street style vibe to your outfit as well.

dark floral cropped pants printed cropped pants