How to Wear Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are probably on the Top 5 list of clothing items everyone wears. They’ve been worn from forever and never have they gone out of style. Denims are also very comfortable and easy to style. The versatility of denims makes it a good investment and a great addition to any closet. There are so many styles and designs of denim jeans to choose from but whether you have skinny jeans, boot cuts, flares, printed or colored ones, cuffed, cropped, or dressed up there’s always a chic and sophisticated way to pull the denim jeans look off. Here are some of our suggestions on how to wear denim jeans.

  • Wear with a crisp white shirt – blue denims always look fresh and clean when worn with a crisp white shirt. It does not matter that your jeans are skinny, flared or even ripped, the cleanliness of a simple white top can instantly add glamour and sophistication to the whole outfit.

casual denim and whitedenims and white

  • Pull off a double denim – a double denim is more popularly called the denim on denim trend which simply is the combination of a denim top and denim bottoms. This is a very cool trend that’s quickly becoming a favorite among style and fashion gurus. To pull off this look, wear denims that are about 2 to 3 washes lighter than the other. Same wash denims only work if they are exactly similar enough to make it look like a single piece.

denim double

denim on denimdouble denim

  • Wear with leather – denim and leather never fails to make a cool combination. Your denim jeans take care of the casual vibe while a leather piece can add a rock and roll edge to your outfit. It does not necessarily have to be a leather jacket or a leather vest, it can be a pair of leather boots, too, or a leather belt that really stands out. If you want to soften the look up a little bit, consider wearing denim jeans in pastel colors or dainty prints.

denim pants leather vestjeans and leather jacket

  • Denim and lace – for a more feminine and flirty casual look, you can wear your denim jeans with a lacey lace top. Go for a long flowy top if you’re wearing skinny jeans to look ultra gorgeous. A pair of heels won’t hurt but if you’re going out all day, you might want to consider wearing ballerina flats with this look. it’s perfect for a casual lunch date or some afternoon tea or coffee.

 jeans and leather jacketlace and denimdenim and lace