How to Wear Distressed Denims and Ripped Knees Jeans

Though they may seem a little rough and masculine, distressed denims and ripped knees jeans would definitely make a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. When worn with the right pieces and styled properly, distressed denims and ripped knees jeans can give you a cool and edgy off duty look that’s hip and chic. You can make your own distressed denims using an old pair of jeans or you can also buy them from stores already styled like that. Personally, I like making my own because I just don’t see any reason to buy a pair of jeans that are already ‘ruined’ plus they’re really easy to make, too! Check out our tips on how to wear distressed denims and ripped knees jeans below.

  • Polished – if you think that distressed denims and ripped knees jeans can only be worn with street style outfits, you’re wrong. Though they look rugged, you can definitely create a polished looking outfit with distressed denims and ripped knees jeans by wearing them with a blazer and a shirt. It may not be office-friendly (except maybe on days when you’re allowed to dress down) but it sure makes a nice look for a midday bite with a few friends or just a lazy day out.

polished look polished outfit polished

  • Casual happy hour black – need a quick outfit for happy hour? Of course you’ll want something relaxed and not too dressy but yet chic and a little sexy so a black pair of distressed denims would be the perfect choice. Give it a nice surprising twist by pairing it up with a top that has fun quirky prints or take it to the more mature side and wear it with a really gorgeous, maybe even sparkly, top and a pair of sexy heels. If you can’t find black denims / jeans, you can use dark wash jeans as an alternative to this look.

black black ripped

  • Chic street style – now, here’s something that’s definitely worth giving a shot. Wear your ripped knees jeans the chic street style way by choosing a pair that rests a bit slouchy on the hips and has a perfectly worn out look. You can have the knees ripped and other parts distressed to give it that really rough and rugged look. You can wear a pair of jeans like this with just about any top or shirt you want. Roll it up by the ankles to give it a chic vibe and finish off with a pair of heels or wedges and maybe add in a cute embellished ankle strap, just to pack it with cuteness. Great outfit idea for a Saturday lunch out or a catch-up sesh with your girl friends over coffee.

street stylesteet chic street style chic

  • Sleek and edgy – want to make the most of the rugged look from your distressed denims and ripped knees jeans? For a sleek and edgy look, wear your denims with a nice leather jacket. It would be nice if you could grab / make a pair of skinny distressed denim and ripped knees jeans to go with your leather jacket for a more feminine silhouette. This outfit makes for a cozy one when you need something to keep you warm.

edgy edgy look