How To Wear Fall/Winter Trends in Warm Climates

Admit it, those of you living in temperate regions are so jealous of the people living in tropical climates. Natural tan, humid atmosphere all year round, and the ever-present excuse to go to the beach. Of course, the people who live in the tropics also have things to envy from those who live in temperate regions. Four seasons, experiencing snow, and being able to wear the fall and winter trends for the year.

When you live in a place where the temperature may drop at 13°C and the hot season seem to go for 11 months a year, you can’t really go with wearing the fall and winter trends of the year. Bulky and thick clothes are out of the list; much less layering bulky clothes.  If you do, you might as well be the radiator of the house from being too hot in what you’ll be wearing.

But just because you can’t wrap yourself up in those cable-knit sweater layered underneath wool coats doesn’t mean you can no longer participate and add those fall and winter trendy clothes to your wardrobe. Here’s how to wear the following fall/winter trends in warm climates.

Trench coats

Trench coats are one of the epitomes of the coming of fall and winter. To be able to wear this trend in a warm climate, I suggest you opt for the sleeveless kind. That way you’ll be able to wear the coat and not look too bulky or inappropriately warm. There are even trench coats you can wear that are made of lighter material–those that are designed to be spring coats.

sleeveless trench coat | Aelida

black vest coat | Aelida

Plaid shirt

Plaid shirt may now have become a timeless year-round wardrobe staple but it still is commonly worn during the colder seasons. Maybe it’s because of the usually thick yet comfortable fabric used for plaid shirts. You want to undo a couple of the buttons of your shirt and create this loose and relaxed look. If you are going to add it into a layered outfit, keep it to two layers maximum.

Gwen Stefani plaid shirt | Aelida

plaid shirt outfit | Aelida

Knitted clothes

Again, like trench coats, knitted clothes are commonly worn during the colder seasons. But we have discussed previously on ways to wear knitted clothes during summer. The main guide you’ll have is to keep on a maximum of two layers when layering, if you plan to. If you also wanted to wear turtleneck, follow the guideline for trench coat and stick to sleeveless tops.

knitted top | Aelida

sleeveless knitted turtleneck | Aelida


There are suede clothes that are made of a thicker textile than others. If you have plans on wearing those kind of suede, it is best to go for minis–meaning, mini skirts and shorts (or mini pants). You also want to lay off from tights or leggings. Let the humid tropical wind breeze through your bare legs.

suede mini skirt | Aelida

suede shorts | Aelida


Boots are basically the footwear you replace with open-toed sandals when fall comes. It’s pretty hard to incorporate boots into an outfit for the warmer climates since one usually feels the warmth or coldness around the feet first. Stay away from knee-high boots. In fact, opt for ankle-length boots and booties instead of any kind higher.

ankle boots and skirt | Aelida

ankle boots and skinny jeans | Aelida

Fall Colors

When it’s all said and done, the easiest way for someone in a warm climate to be able to wear the fall/winter trends of the year is to take their usual everyday outfit and incorporate the fall/winter color trends. Rich and deep shades like burgundy, marsala, and deep green are some of fall and winter’s best colors. All you have to do is look for garments in those colors.

burgundy pants | Aelida

deep green blazer | Aelida