How To Wear Frayed Denim Today

Frayed denims have risen to popularity around the mid to late ’90s when the combination of ragged and mini was sexy. Back then, frayed mini skirts paired with body-hugging wife beaters or tank tops were the definition of allure. And while this decade is not more conservative than back then, there is obviously more sophistication on so many garments. Including frayed denim.

Designers have always sought inspirations from previous decades for creating the season’s collections. It’s no wonder that frayed denim clothes would someday be one of those inspiring garments but the result was a delightful surprise nonetheless. Specifically, when Marques’Almeida had their SS 2015 line debuted for Topshop presenting wonderful and totally modern frayed denim pieces.

Of course, with these fabulous clothes going about in the runway, we have to get back to our old frayed denim game but in the chicest way possible. Here are some tips and tricks on how to wear frayed denim today.

Frayed Denim Jeans

Jeans are probably the most common garment to be frayed and the first clothes that comes to mind when frayed is involved. You can definitely be creative with this, in terms of the kind of jeans and the pieces you will incorporate with those jeans. For instance, a fit frayed jeans will look good in a preppy or sleek outfit. Meanwhile, loose pants such as boyfriend jeans would look better with leather jacket to look extremely cool and stylish.

frayed jeans and sweater


frayed jeans boots and leather jacket


frayed jeans black top and dark brown shoes


Frayed Denim Shorts

Frays themselves dress down whatever outfit you are wearing. However, frayed denim shorts gives off a more casual and raggy feel to an outfit than jeans. Of course, you can still create a preppy or more feminine look by wearing sheer tights and tucking in a dressy top. The effect of sheer tights brings the attention to the frayed hemline without loosing the preppiness of the entire outfit. You could also just give an enough amount of chicness through your accessories like fedora hats and a cute purse.

frayed shorts and sweater

frayed shorts and tights

frayed shorts oversized shirt and fedora

Frayed Denim Skirt

Tank top and a pair of comfy flat sandals are the easiest pieces to pair with frayed denim skirt for a casual outfit. But you could now wear frayed skirts with a crisp collared shirt for a dressier kind of outfit. Even the edgy leather jacket and frayed denim combo can have an ounce of femininity by having a frayed denim pencil skirt in your ensemble.

frayed skirt and tank top and sandals


frayed skirt and tucked shirt

frayed skirt and leather jacket


Frayed Denim Top

You’ve got two ways to go with wearing a frayed denim top. You could wear something entirely fancy such as a one-shoulder top with frayed-edge ruffles. Or you could also be wearing pieces that are in such simple designs and structure but would still give off a statement so long as the top is frayed around the hemlines. Either way, you’d want to keep the attention on the frays so pick garments in solid colors.

double frayed denim

frayed denim top one shoulder

frayed denim top kendall jenner

Frayed Denim Dress

Whether it’s boxy in shape or asymmetrical or form-fitting, a frayed denim dress needs no more additional beautification help from accessories. The dress itself with the frays is a statement meant for flaunting in the streets.

frayed dress and platform

frayed denim dress