How To Wear Graphic Tees Like An Adult

Graphic tees. It’s no question that any kind of clothing line, from the high-edged ones to the retailers, have and sold graphic tees. They are comfortable and casual. And they have statements that plain tees don’t have.

But most of the time, when we think of graphic tees, we don’t usually think of sophistication or adults. The large demographic who frequents the use of graphic tees are the tweens and teenagers. Basically, the younger generation. And you can’t blame people thinking you’re wearing house clothes when you’re out on the streets flaunting in your statement shirts.

So here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to wear your graphic tees like an adult.

1. Tuck It In

Tee shirts are usually slouchy which gives this instant home clothes vibe. So you could try tucking your shirt in to lessen the garment’s slouchiness. Also, it will give a boost on your height.

graphic tee tucked in outfit

graphic tee inserted outfit

2. Pair It With A Mini Skirt For Added Cuteness

You have to be careful when pairing a grpahic tee with mini skirt. When pairing your graphic tee with a mini skirt, there is a possibility that you would look like a middle or high schooler. So, find a mini skirt that is tailored rather than that which is a skater kind.

graphic tee and mini skirt

graphic tee and mini skirt Doutzen Kroes

3. Match A Pencil Skirt For Added Sophistication

For an added sophistication, pair the graphic tee with a longer skirt. A pencil skirt will do the trick. Tuck your shirt in and wear a pair of heels with your outfit for a more polished look.

graphic tee and pencil skirt

graphic tee and black pencil skirt

4. Go Monochromatic

Go for a monochromatic outfit using the main color for your graphic tee. This is a way of incorporating minimalist style with a graphic tee shirt wonderfully and stylishly, though it is not necessary for you to wear monochromatic accessories for this.

graphic tee and all-black outfit

graphic tee and all-white outfit

5. Wear A Dressy Pants

One of the simplest ways to wear graphic tees like an adult is by pairing it with a dressy pants. There is a wonderful contrasting effect to the casualness of your top and the formal atmosphere of the dressy pants. It is preferable to match the outfit with a cute and elegant clutch, too.

graphic tee and dressy pants

graphic tee and trousers Cara Delevingne

6. Full Skirt For Plus Femininity

Another contrasting scheme with graphic tees is to wear this comfortable garment along with a feminine full skirt. There is an additional femininity to your outfit along with the casualness and relaxed look that the graphic tee offers.

graphic tee and full skirt

graphic tee and full skirt outfit

7. A Polished Look With Blazer

You may not be able to wear graphic tees to work but you will be able to incorporate them to a semi-formal attire or for when attending a casual business meeting or lunch. Just simply slip on a tailored and fitted blazer over the tee for a polished look.

graphic tee and blazer

graphic tee and white blazer

8. Rocking It In A Leather Jacket

You would want to take careful steps when you are wearing leather jackets along with a graphic tee because you might end up looking like a teenager in her rebellion phase. If that’s not something you are going for, then keep the rest of the pieces of your outfit as sophisticated as you could–cute microprint pants, heels, chained clutch.

graphic tee and leather jacket

graphic tee and leather jacket Kim Kardashian

9. Slip On A Statement Necklace

Accessories can do a huge amount of assistance in dressing up your graphic tee. Particularly, if you are wearing statement necklaces. For these, you want to stick to those necklaces that are metallic or with crystals and diamonds rather than those bulky colored beads. The classier the jewelry, the better.

graphic tee and statement necklace

graphic tee and silver statement necklace