How To Wear Jogger Pants At Work

There are certainly different kinds of pants emerging this year that are contesting the popularity and style of our now common skinny jeans. Last year, we have got the flared pants which completely dominated on the 70s inspired trend last year. We have also talked about the paperbag waist bottoms a few posts ago. And now we will be discussing another kind of pants already near the peak of its popularity in this age and in a specific setting.

Jogger pants. In the office.

jogger pants for office

Now, before you think too much about this and react, hear me out first. I know jogger pants are one of those pants you would think would never beulled off in a formal setting such as our work environment. Jogger pants are just so casual and homey that it might completely blow your mind when someone tells you that you can pull off a pair of jogger pants at work.

high waist jogger pants

And maybe, we’ll be taking responsibility of your mind-blowing moment because we are saying that, yes, that is possible!

You can wear those casual and comfy pair of joggers in the formal premises of your office!

Got you interested? Well then, scroll down for some fantastically helpful tips on how to make your jogger pants work at work!

Wear a black jogger pants!

One key factor that you want to consider when you want to wear jogger pants to the office is the color of the jogger pants. Dark colors often create a more appropriate atmosphere that will complement a work environment that is why a pair of black jogger pants is the easiest wayto pull off jogger pants at work. A bonus is that they usually just look like wide leg pants sans the flappy hemline that you always worry will get you in trouble someday.jogger pants and shirt

black jogger pants for officeblack jogger pants

Wear jogger pants in classic prints!

Other than dark solid colors, you can also have the choice of wearing a pair of jogger pants that are printed. There are jogger pants out there that are in classic prints like floral, polka dots and stripes. These are pattwrns that are not too loud nor too informal that makes them really great to wear in events where you have to be in business casual.

floral printed jogger pantsprinted jogger pants

Pair up your joggers with formal tops and jackets!

  • You could be wearing the most formal jogger pants that has ever existed but it may still look informal for work if you pair it with, say, graphic tee shirts. Finding the right top to pair your jogger pants with is also necessary. Blazers and formal tops help you up in this area. Basically, anything worn with a blazer makes whatever outfit yo have be a tad bit more formal.khaki jogger pantsblazer and jogger pantsmatching jogger pants and blazer

If it’s okay, add up some edge!

If your workplace is the kind that is not so strict on their dress code so long as your work outfit is not provocative and says you mean business, then add up a little personal style to your jogger pants work outfit. Just remember that a little sleekness will keep the outfit looking work-appropriate.

edgy jogger pants outfitstripes jogger pants