How to Wear Leather Skirts

Leather has always been a favorite for cold seasons like fall and winter, This fabric has a nice, sleek texture and is very chic and sophisticated. Not a lot of women are brave enough to wear a leather piece of clothing item because they fear that leather is too edgy for their style. if there’s one item you can wear that will combine both being edgy and girly, it would be a leather skirt. Leather skirts are super fashionable and they’re very versatile as well. Here are some ways on how to wear leather skirt:

  • Do a leather on leather combo – wearing leather from head to foot may seem tacky at first but if you actually give it a try, you’ll see that it’s actually very cool. The denim on denim trend has done quite well in the fashion industry and the leather on leather trend is catching up quite quickly. A leather jacket with a leather skirt gives you a cool edgy look with a hint of a girly vibe. Wear leather boots with this combo for a comfy rock and roll / biker chick kind of look.

leather on leather leather on leather outfit

  • Combine girly and edgy – make your leather skirt a part of a very feminine outfit and use it to add just a hint of edginess. Wear it with pieces that are soft and girly like a lace top and dainty accessories like girly necklaces. Other ladylike accessories that you can use with leather skirts include sexy heels and stylish purses.


girly outfit

  • Get a polished casual look – leather has quite a polished look to it but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with your everyday casual outfits. To make leather skirts look more casual, wear them with a denim jacket. Denim is the ultimate fabric to use if you want to achieve a casual look. the combination of leather and denim results to a casual but polished look.


  • Play with texture– the texture on leather skirts is often super smooth which makes it fun and easy to play with texture on other items that you will wear it with. Leather and tweed makes a great combination for cold seasons and so does leather and fur. Playing with texture creates a more interesting outfit, especially if you’re wearing top and bottom pieces of the same color.

texture play texture

  • Use it for an all black outfit – leather skirts often come in neutral colors and the most popular one is black. Wearing an all black outfit can have a slimming effect which is great for those who worry about curves. Adding studs and spikes to an all black outfit instantly gives it an edgy, rock and roll vibe.

all black all black outfit


  • Wear it in color – though leather skirts often come in neutral colors, there are also those that come in other colors like yellow, red and green. These are great pieces to use f you like the look and feel of leather and at the same time want to add a splash of color onto your outfit.

colored leather skirt