How to Wear Leggings as Pants

Wearing leggings as pants is never an unknown fashion idea among women across the globe.  In fact, leggings have been considered as the most-loved wardrobe member of many college students for several decades now.

leggings pants

No doubt that you had seen young girls in leggings everywhere.

I understand the fear of some women in wearing legging pants because of the thought that it won’t compliment with their body type. To tell you frankly ladies, there is no need to frustrate yourself with this unhelpful thought.

Knowing how to wear all types of leggings as pants is the key to look good and feel good.

Below are the basic and the most essential aspects concerning leggings that every girl must know beforehand.

Start with the basic and get ready to experiment with them.

brown leggings pants

Leggings come in different colors and styles. It entails various prints. In fact, patterned leggings are highly popular amongst women especially those popular Hollywood celebrities.

patterned leggings

Nonetheless, solid or a neutral- colored pair of leggings is a perfect pick for those ladies who are just starting to wear them. Moreover, a pair of black or brown leggings pants is an excellent option to take.

Try various lengths for leggings.

It comes in many sizes. It goes from Capri down to the ankle. Name it and you will certainly have it. Those leggings that extend through the ankle are trendier and more fashionable as compared to short leggings.  However, there is nothing wrong with trying all the available lengths and experiment with them.

short leggings

For tall and skinny girls, leggings that reach the mid- calf is wonderful. This makes your legs look a little fatter.

Furthermore, always stick to black and brown leggings if you’re a bit curvy and chubby. These aforementioned colors make your legs sexier. Thus, choosing printed black or brown- colored leggings is magnificent.

But, if you are still conscious with your baby fats, put on a top that reaches your mid-thigh. If this idea still doesn’t work with you, I guess that you better work with boosting your self- confidence.

tunics and sexier tops for leggings

Spend time seeking for a perfect top that perfectly fits your leggings.  Flowy dress, tunic tops and sexier skirts to-a-T your leggings.  Ascertain to wear a shirt that can create some volume to your leggings in order to balance out the tightness of your bottoms.

girls in leggings

Bust out your favorite flats. Take note that when it comes to the heel height (especially with leggings), wearing a shorter heel height, the better. Leggings pave way to a wonderful opportunity to bring out the best out of your ballet style shoes. Moccasins, low-heeled boots and oxfords can give a perfect finish to your total get-up.

boots and leggings

Generally, leggings are not pants. Therefore, it must never be worn as such. So, in wearing them, make sure to wear a top or a dress that covers your butt and your front. Uh-uh, there’s one more thing ladies! Never forget BALANCE.