How to Wear Leggings the Right Way

Wearing leggings as pants has been debated about over and over again. Some people say it’s totally unacceptable to step out in public wearing only leggings while others say it depends on the leggings you wear and what you wear with it and, honestly, we’re on the same boat as the people on the second statement. While leggings are not definitely the kind of bottoms you’d wear with your shirt tucked in or without a top long enough to cover your rear, there are definitely some things you can do to make leggings look and feel like normal decent pants. Here are some tips on how to wear leggings the right way so people don’t shoot you odd looks in public.

  • Wear thick leggings – one of the reasons why people say you shouldn’t wear leggings in public is because leggings used to be made of really thin/sheer fabric / material so that it’s breathable and can be used for working out. Today, though, there are so many brands that make really good quality, thick leggings that you can wear on their own without having to worry about your underwear making a visible outline.

cute leggings outfit long top and leggings

  • Wear your leggings with long tops – even when you’re wearing thick leggings, sometimes you just have to expect the unexpected when wearing leggings (read: camel toe). Avoid the hassle and embarrassment and make sure you always wear tops long enough to cover your rear so that you have nothing embarrassing to worry about while you strut your stuff.

fun neon top and black leggings

long striped top and leggings

  • Try wearing them in different colors – colored jeans have been one of the hottest trends for spring so why not make bright and colorful leggings a staple in your summer wardrobe? Summer fashion is all about fun, bright and vibrant colors anyway. It’s perfect, too, if you’re the kind who always loves a good pop of color in your outfit.

neon orange leggings

  • Use it to dress down a fancy mini dress – if you have a mini dress that’s too fancy (or too short) for your casual, everyday ordinary outfits, you can give it more of a street style vibe by styling it with leggings and a casual blazer or jacket on top. You can do this outfit idea with any kind of mini dress that you think is a bit too glamorous for everyday wear.

leggings dress and boots leather leggings and heels

  • Wear it printed – another way to make leggings look like normal pants is to wear them printed. Printed pants are all the rage nowadays and opting for printed leggings is a great way to wear leggings on their own like regular pants. Just like adding a pop of color, wearing an outfit with a pop of print also makes your look more interesting and exciting.

fierce outfit with printed leggings black and white printed leggings

  • Wear it with heels – leggings have a very casual look so if you’re planning to pull off a sassy look while wearing your favorite pair of leggings, you can wear it with heels. Stilettos are great if you want to look sexy and fierce while anything with chunky heels can give your outfit that street style look.

black leggings and pumps