How to Wear Leggings to Work

Leggings are very versatile and they can be worn with different outfits to pull off several different looks. A lot of people think that leggings are inappropriate for the work place but that’s not really true at all. You can wear legging anywhere, including the office or anywhere you work, as long as you know what to wear them with. Sure, there are quite a number of things that you shouldn’t wear your leggings with if you wear them to work and there are a few combinations that might break the dress code but if you have all the right pieces, wearing leggings to work can be a cinch. You might even end up loving it so much because they’re much more comfortable than jeans and suit pants, the typical and ‘ideal’ work clothes. Below we will show you how to wear leggings to work without looking inappropriately dressed.

  • Wear leggings in darker colors – the work place has a semi formal environment that, even if no dress code is implemented, is not the proper venue for rocking loud and bright colors. If you’re planning on wearing leggings to work, try to stick to darker colors like black, navy or dark brown to keep it classy. Avoid nude or neutral colored leggings as you may tend to look like you’re not wearing bottoms at all. This is sure to cause a stir around the office and may feel awkward for you and your workmates.

dark leggings dark

  • Pick leggings that are made of thick material – most leggings are made not too thick because they’re meant to be just as an alternative to tights but there are also leggings that are made with more quality and thicker fabric. These types of leggings are the ones that you should go for if you’re planning to wear them to work. As a test, when buying leggings for work, stretch them out and see if they become any more see-through. If they do, ditch ‘em.

thick leggings outfit

thick leggings

  • Wear leggings with long tops – we all know the reason why wearing leggings as pants get a lot of negative comments and reactions: they show too much ‘shape and silhouette’. Make sure you wear long tops (at least long enough to cover your bum) like tunics or long button downs if you plan on wearing leggings to work. Avoid t-shirts, no matter how long they are. They’re just way too formal for a workplace setting.

long top long top leggings

  • Add on a blazer – if you want a more polished look while wearing leggings to work, add on a blazer! Of course, you will have to wear something long underneath, like a long tank top or something similar. This is a very good way to make your outfit with leggings dressier and less casual which is perfect for the office. Turn up your blazer’s wrist cuff to make your ensemble totally corporate chic.

blazer and leggings blazer

  • Dressed down – dress down days at the office are probably the best time to wear leggings. You can simply slip them on underneath a cute shirt dress and you’re all set to seize the day at work. It’s also a nice way to make dresses more wearable during the colder seasons as leggings can keep your legs warm.

dress down outfit dressed down