How To Wear Marsala: Pantone’s Color of the Year

Last December, at the dawn of another year, Pantone Color Institute released its Color of the Year. Marsala. This gorgeous earthy red shade was chosen as the Color of the Year for 2015. And it’s definitely a great choice that I can’t agree enough.

all-marsala outfit | Aelida

Pantone color 18-1438 is named after the fortified wine widely produced in the Italian city of the same name. This wonderful hue gives off an exquisite sophistication while still retaining its red-brown richness.

Best of all, Marsala is just, hands down, absolutely versatile which works oh-so great with us. Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman stated that this red-brown color is tastefully appealing to both men and women. Marsala provides an enormous highlight for our different facial parts. And it also works very well as a contrasting and outstanding color for your outfits.

Here are some ways to wear Marsala, the Color of the Year.


Marsala is such a wonderful color that lends itself so well on textures. So whether you’re going for a casual cotton or a glossy silk for a fancy evening, Marsala is at your service. My tip is to choose the accompanying colors and the type of items you’ll match with your Marsala tops. For casual, go for basic clothes in basic colors such as white and denim. For a more fancy outfit, don’t hold yourself from the glimmer and shines. Jewel tones will blend well with Marsala, too.

marsala top and emerald green midi | Aelida

marsala sweater | Aelida


Marsala could go well in a polished and straight-cut bottoms that’s ideal for the office or daytime outfits. Marsala is an easy color to combine with neutral taupes and dusty browns and grays which is why it is so great for casual and office looks. But it could also serve well for a more formal look that’s usual for an after-five engagements that you might have where you wear sharper outfits.

marsala pants | Aelida

marsala track pants | Aelida


There are a great many possibilities for a rich color such as Marsala. But where skirts are concerned, I feel as if it is in its most glamorous in skirts of longer lengths such as midis, calf-lengths, and maxi skirts. The rich red-brown color has this deep and sultry feel to it that just screams classy more than flirty and playful–though it could go well with that, too.

marsala pleated skirt | Aelida

marsala calf-length skirt | Aelida


Speaking of the color’s sultriness, Beyonce once wore this color in a skin-fit wrap dress that emphasizes and shows off how fit Queen Bey is. And Marsala brings out more emphasis on that gorgeous body with its dramatic and allure undertone. But Marsala is not only a color of rich temptation. As I mentioned above, it is also a color that is gorgeous on classy outfits.

Beyonce marsala wrap dress | Aelida

marsala dress | Aelida


It’s the fall! And during the colder seasons is the time when we want to show off our outerwear the most. This is where Marsala comes in. With its deep and rich shade, it is without a doubt a color of fall and winter. I also found that it contrasts oh-so-well with the pure whiteness of snow. But most of all, Marsala also compliments well with dark neutral shades such as navy blue. Its depth in tone gives of a certain amount of warmth that is just gorgeous for your fall wardrobe.

Taylor Swift marsala coat | Aelida

marsala biker jacket | Aelida


As Lee Eiseman said, Marsala is such a good color as an accessory. Simply because of how one could not think of any color that does not go well with Marsala. From the dull shades of dusky gray and tumbleweed to hues on the vibrant section of the color wheel, Marsala is ultimately a great color pairing. For more color pairings, you can go to Pantone’s website where they’ve enlisted different color pairings with Marsala. <>

marsala tote bag | Aelida

marsala top handle bag | Aelida

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Being of a shade close to an average human’s lip color, Marsala is a very flattering color to any person with any skin tone. It offers such a great highlight for the cheeks and gives a captivating pop of color for your hair, nails, and lips. Marsala will certainly be a part of that long array of fall and winter’s best makeup colors alongside burgundy and plum. Find a shade of the Marsala that will work best for and be flattering on you.

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