How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

The moment you think of over the knee boots, I’m pretty sure Julia Roberts from the film Pretty Woman comes to mind. Ever since this style of boots entered the fashion scene, a lot of women got confused as to how to wear them and when they can be worn appropriately. Although at first glance over the knee boots seem too trashy and almost at the point of being trashy, there are ways to wear them and still come out looking classy. Here are a few tips on how to wear over the knee boots:

  • Don’t wear anything too revealing – because over the knee boots already ooze a lot of sex appeal on their own, be careful not to wear anything too daring, sexy and revealing with them. If you must wear something sexy like a short dress or shorts, make a compromise by wearing a coat or a sweater over it, at least. Also try to go clothes that aren’t too tight-fitting when wearing over the knee boots.

classy over the knee boots outfit over the knee boots over the knee boots outfit

  • Wear it with a jeans – a good way to make a dressy pair of over the knee boots look more casual is to wear it with jeans. Don’t be afraid of committing a fashion faux pas of any kind, jeans are universal and they look good with just about any kind of footwear you choose, including over the knee boots.

jeans and over the knee boots jeans and over the knee boots outfit

  • Settle for nothing but the perfect pair – finding the perfect pair of over the knee boots can be a little bit tricky, especially if you’re looking for your very first pair. The perfect over the knee boots should not be too sexy nor too reminiscent of the ‘90s (square toes, spandex legs – no thanks). They have to stay up even as you walk (and perhaps even run) in them) but they should also have just the right slouch. In short, nothing too sexy, too frumpy, too tight or too droopy. This is important if you want to look classy in OTKs.

perfect fitting boots look perfect fitting boots outfit perfect fitting boots

  • Don’t wear them too high – unless you’re really confident that you can pull off wearing sky high over the knee boots without going overboard and looking like trashy, keep the heels on your boots to a maximum of 3 to 4 inches. Not only will this make your look more classy and casual, it will also help you walk with ease. Wearing low-heeled over the knee boots will help you move around more comfortably because over the knee boots already tend to restrain leg and knee movements.

low over the knee boots outfit low over the knee boots