How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Isn’t it funny how something that used to be considered tacky and tasteless can be the next big thing after a some time has passed? Over the knee boots used to be considered a no-no when it came to dressing up with style and class, thanks to Julia Roberts’s character in Pretty Woman who made the shoe style infamous. For fall this year, though, over the knee boots are everything. They can be worn with just about anything and everything – from casual everyday outfits to edgier looks – as proven by our favorite style icons. If you’re not sure how to take on this trend, check out these useful tips on how to wear over the knee boots.

  • With dresses and skirts – one of the best things about over the knee boots is that they allow you to wear shorter dresses and skirts despite the cold fall weather. If you’re going for an easy, casual look, you can wear your over the knee boots with a slouchy sweater dress or a simple top-and-skirt kind of outfits topped off with a warm coat or jacket.

black and gray outfit dress and otk boots high low skirt and otk boots over the knee boots olivia palermo

suede otk boots and coral dressminiskirt and over the knee boots

  • Black – just the look and form of over the knee boots are enough to make a statement so if you don’t want to risk overdoing it, sticking with a universal / neutral color like black is important. Most women wear black over the knee boots so that the boots don’t take too much attention away from other parts of the outfit. Black is much easier to mix and match with other colors, too, compared to other neutral hues. Aside from that, we all know black has a slimming effect which is perfect because who doesn’t want their legs to look slimmer and longer, right?

black leather otk boots black monochromatic outfit with over the knee boots black otk boots olivia palermo black otk boots with jean shorts black slouchy otk boots

  • Over leggings or pants – if baring even the least bit of skin is not an option for you, you can always wear your over the knee boots over your leggings or pants. Pants with a skinny fit or a slim cute are more preferable since they won’t bulge when tucked in to your boots. If you want to wear wide legged pants, you can do so as by wearing your over the knee boots under them.

jeans and over the knee boots jeggings and otk boots outfit lace up otk boots and leggings neon top and suede otk boots all black outfit with otk boots

  • With a chunky heel – that slinky pair of over the knee boots with sexy thin heels may look really sexy on display but trust me, there’s a fifty percent chance that it may come off a little less tasteful than what you might have expected when you see that against a sliver of skin so to be on the safe side, why not go for a pair with a chunkier heel? Chunky heels are hot on trend, after all, so why not?

chunky black heels otk boots chunky heeled gray boots chunky heels on otk boots chunky heels over the knee boots gorgeous chunky heeled suede otk boots