How to Wear Pants with Prints

Pants with prints are seriously so on trend right now everyone’s wearing them. Whether you’re wearing jeans, denims, leggings, jeggings, trousers or whatever other style of pants, you’re sure to find a pair of them printed out there. These cute and colorful bottoms somehow surfaced during summer and spring and they’re here to stay for fall and winter, too, and perhaps maybe even for the coming year. If you’re crazy about pants with prints as we are and if you’re looking for ways to wear them, here’s what we think would go well with pants with prints:

  • With a black or white top – the safest, most fool-proof way of wearing a printed bottom is by wearing either a black or white top with it. This combination is the most common way to wear a pair of pants with print and some fashionistas may find it too boring but for beginners, it’s a good way to start off wearing printed pants without committing a fashion faux pas.

printed pants and white top printed pants and black top

  • A denim shirt – a denim shirt is something that we all own. This is the perfect item that you can pair your printed pants with if you want to play it safe but not too safe to wear the universal white shirt with it. A denim shirt is very neutral and will go well with almost anything like when you wear it as pants. It also gives your outfit a very laidback and casual feel. If you don’t like the feel of denim as a top, you can always substitute it with chambray, a fabric that looks like denim but has a softer feel.

denim and pants

denim shirt and printed pants denim and printed pants

  • With a printed top – rock the print on print trend by wearing a printed top and a pair of pants with prints. This may take a bit of practice (and confidence) to master but if you want to look fun, fierce and bold and if you want to make a statement, this is the perfect way to do so. Remember to balance out prints by wearing one piece in large prints and the other in small ones.

print on print print on print outfit

  • Matching colors – take the dominant color in your printed pants and wear a top that is of the same color if you want to achieve a chic and cohesive look. If you’re wearing pants with floral prints and have the dominant color as yellow, wear a yellow top, too. Also try to keep your shoes  neutral when doing this look so that it remains cohesive.

cohesive outfit with printed pants cohesive outfit cohesive colors