How To Wear Paper Bag Waist Bottoms Stylishly

Ever season, we always see and witness this growing popularity of something that we totally did not expect to get trendy. Last year was the year when clothes and accessories like Birkenstock, pussy bow tie, summer scarves, and tweed started to take contemporary and modern forms and became unexpectedly hot trends.

This year, we’ll be witnessing yet again another group of “underdog” clothes, as we may say, soar up to the top trend of the year. And one of these is paper bag waist bottoms.

It’s really fairly easy to recognize paper bag waist bottoms. There is a tied belt or ribbon around the hip and the pants or skirt is gathered and ruffled around that area while it falls to either a slightly or completely flared hem. Ultimately, it looks like a paper bag which is where it got its name: ruffled at the top, flared at the bottom.

paperbag waist skirt ribbonformal paperbag waist pants

Now you might think that this type of bottoms is only good for a particular group of people but I beg to disagree. I think that paperbag waist bottoms can be worn by anyone. Because of its tight and gathered waistline and flared hem, the paper bag waist bottoms create this natural effect on your curves. It emphasizes your waist and it makes you look taller.paperbag waists trousers

purple paperbag waist skirt

Because of the ruffled and gathered look in the waistline of the paper bag waist bottoms, you want to tuck in your top and show off the gathered and ruffled waistline. Also, if it is a very gathered and ruffled look, you don’t want to hide that underneath a long top because it will end up looking like you have a warty stomach. Which is something you don’t want to end up looking.

paperbag waist and blazeryellow paperbag waist skirtpaperbag waists skirtThe main problem for paper bag waist bottoms is not on the gathered and ruffled waistline but on the flared legs. Petite ladies want to be careful on wearing flared pants as it might make you look shorter than you actually are, rather than taller. For ladies with muffin top and those who are a little heavy around the waist and hips, you want to go for either an uber-gathered or subtly gathered waistline. What you want going for you is something too over- or underwhelming that could redirect the attention from your waist to hips part.

paperbag waists slacks

Paper bag waist shorts are the best of the group to be worn during the late spring and summer. The gathered ruffled waistline and the A-line short pantsleg create this kinda whimsy and summery feel to any kind of outfit that you with will wear. It’s the perfect outfit for an everyday stroll by the beach or even on the streets on a sunny summer day.

casual paperbag waist shortstucked in top and paperbag waist shorts