How to Wear Polka Dots and Still Look Chic

The polka dot print can be quite a challenge to pull off. You’ll want it to look cool and chic instead of looking Granny-ish or reminiscent of New Years Eve outfits. The key to pulling off polka dots in your outfit is to avoid overdoing it. Going overboard with polka dots is one of the most common mistakes women make when wearing this print. Keep it to a minimum, though, and you’ll be fine. Here are a list of ways on how to wear polka dots and still look chic.

  • Black and white – the classic polka dot combination. Nothing beats wearing black and white polka dots when you want to make a statement with your outfit. When wearing black and white on your top or bottom piece, make sure the other half is either black or white as well. This way, you have something to anchor the polka dot print on. As for the size of the polka dot print, it depends on what you want to achieve. Smaller prints make you look slimmer while bigger prints add volume so choose accordingly.

black and white outfit black and white

  • Polka dot accessories – not bold enough to wear polka dots on your clothes but want to sport the print so bad? Try carrying polka dot accessories instead. They’re much more subtle compared to wearing polka dots on your outfit yet bold enough to make a statement on their own. Of course, you can still wear polka dot accessories even when you already have the print on your clothes. Doing so will have the polka dot print more pronounced in your outfit but make sure the whole look is still cohesive.

accessories shoes


  • Polka dot nails – here’s another more subtle way of wearing the polka dot print: on your nails! Polka dot nail art is quite easy. Just pick a base color and then dot on. You can do this with a freehand or you can also use a dotting nail art tool for more precise and cleaner dots. Don’t be afraid of color when doing polka dot on your nails. Colorful polka dots nails look really cute and add a generous splash of color to a plain look.

nail art nails

  • Wear it with other prints – the print on print trend is still big and one of the best prints to use for this trend is the polka dot. This is because it’s so easy to combine other prints with the simple polka dot print. Stripes, floral, chevron – these are just some of the best prints to combine polka dots with. Or, if you’re feeling a little bolder, you can also try the polka dot on polka dot combination.

print prints

  • Dark, white and neutral – if you want more color on your outfit, you can always go for colored polka dots. The ideal combination is a light color and a dark color for the polka dots to make beautiful contrast then pair it with something neutral to keep the look classy and chic.