How To Wear Printed Pants If You’re Bottom Heavy

Colorful, bright, and ultimately eye-catching. With these redeeming elements, printed pants can certainly give off that instant fashion statement that any outfit you might have need. But if you are the kind of person who is bottom heavy, you might think that wearing printed pants is out of the equation already. That printed pants is a type of clothing you will not be able to wear ever in your entire life.

Well, ladies, if that’s you, throw that thought away. Whether you are bottom heavy or not, printed pants are utterly wearable to you. So long as you choose the right color, the right patterns, and the right kind of pants, you will definitely look stylish in a pair of printed pants. Here are some tips and tricks on how to wear printed pants when you are bottom heavy.


Color is a very important ingredient in creating sartorial illusions. Choosing the right color for your printed pants would help out greatly for those of you who are bottom heavy. Dark colors will give off a slimmer look so I highly suggest choosing pants in those shades.

dark blue printed pants dark printed pants

You can also manipulate the colors of your pants, especially those with more than one solid color. For example, a pair of printed pants with dark panels on the side would definitely make your legs look taller and slimmer than they actually are.

paneled printed pants

panel printed pants


Like knowing the perfect dress for your body shape, learning about the right kind of pants helps out on you looking seamless in your printed pants. You don’t want something that fits like a second skin because your legs might look like a sausage that’s about to explode. You also don’t want something too loose because that will swamp out on your figure.

blue and white striped printed pantsPoppy Delevingne printed pants

If you’re opting for flared pants, go for one that flares out around the slimmest part of your legs. Boot-cut pants are also flattering to almost any kind of body shape so you’re good with that. If you have wider hips, avoid pants with a waistline that’s either gathered or pleated.

plaid flared printed pants


Of course, since we are talking about wearing printed pants seamlessly the question of what kind of prints you’re supposed to go for or avoid is significant. Geometric patterns or any prints with sharp edges and angular shapes add the sleekness of your shape. This also applies with vertical stripes especially those with highly contrasting colors like black and white.

striped printed pants

geometric printed pants

For an allover kind of print, I strongly recommend veering off printed pants with huge spaces. Don a pair of printed pants with tight patterns on them that result to very small amount of exposure of the background. This would keep your legs from looking bigger than they are.

window check printed pants