How to Wear Purple with Other Colors

Purple is a very elegant color. It’s also considered the color of royalty which is why a lot of women are enchanted by this lovely hue. You can wear the color purple any way you want, whether it’s on your accessories, your makeup or your clothes. It’s a color that can be worn all year round. Sometimes, though, women tend to skip on purple and go to the easier colors which are the neutral ones because they aren’t sure on what other colors purple would look good with. Many say they’re afraid of looking like Barney once they don on a purple ensemble while others fear that they might look cheap when they wear it with the wrong colors. If you want to break away from your everyday neutral colors, you might want to consider wearing purple for a change. Here are some tips on how to wear purple with other colors:

  • Purple and gold – if you’re planning on wearing purple to a party and you want something that’s festive but not flashy nor loud, you can combine the color purple with gold. It can be a purple top with gold details or a purple dress with a gold belt or maybe even gold shoes. This look is very classy, especially if you’re wearing a deep and dark kind of purple. This combination also applies to makeup. You can wear purple shadow and use gold as your highlight if you want a dramatic look without having to wear a smokey eye. For a more casual look, go for lighter shades of purple and duller shades of gold like mustard.

gold and purple casual gold and purple

  • Purple and black – colder seasons call for darker hues and we all sometimes tend to gravitate to just sporting an all black ensemble which, in all honesty, can be quite boring after a while. Sure, it looks very posh and sophisticated but when you wear the same color every single day it can be dull. Why not switch one black piece with purple, instead? It’s dark but not too dark to be mistaken as just another black piece and it will surely make your look a whole lot brighter and more fun. It’s also a very safe color combo for those who are new to wearing purple.

black and purple outfit

black and purple black and purple combo

  • Purple and red – in theory, this color combination may seem odd but when you actually see and wear it, you’ll figure out why the tandem has made the list. Red is a very rich and warm color that truly and effectively brings out the best in purple. The combination is something that you can wear for a casual look and it’s very chic and pretty. If you’re wearing clothes is these colors, make sure to add no more additional color through your accessories so go for nudes and neutrals with those.

red and purple outfit red and purple

  • Purple and gray – another safe bet to go with when wearing purple is the color gray. This color is neutral and universal so it will go well with any other color, including purple. This look is also a good color combination for fall and winter – the colder months. Because gray is a neutral color, adding one or two more colors through accessories is okay so feel free to add a pink clutch or a yellow belt to your ourple and gray outfit.

gray and purple outfit gray and purple purple and gray