How to Wear Ripped Jeans

Jeans are expected to be worn and worn out. Jeans have always been a timeless classic and a lot of women love this piece of clothing item because it is very versatile. Jeans have been modified and styled differently every now and then and with each new trend in jeans comes the question ‘how do I wear this’? The trend of wearing ripped jeans has once again resurfaced. This trend became popular in the 90s and now it’s back and it looks hotter and sexier than ever with so many designs to choose from. So, how do you wear ripped jeans? Here are our suggestions:

  • Wear skinny ripped jeans – if you want to highlight and emphasize your curves. This suggestion on wearing ripped jeans is more for those women who are comfortable in appearing to be a little curvier than they really are. Skinny ripped jeans add heaps of emphasis on the hips, the butt and the thighs and not all women are exactly cool with that.

black skinny ripped jeanssexy ripped skinny

  • Wear baggy ripped jeans – if you’re not comfortable with too much of the curve-hugging action going on with skinny ripped jeans. This look is perfect if you want a more relaxed and laid back look and if you want a cool and effortlessly chic vibe. Though not exactly form fitting, the balance between the bagginess and the amount of skin peeking through makes this style very sexy and hot.

ripped bf jeans

ripped baggy jeans

  • Go casual – jeans have always been meant for casual days, especially when they’re torn and ripped in different places. Wear your pair of ripped jeans with flat footwear like sneakers, loafers, oxfords, ballerina flats and rubber shoes if you want to achieve a casual look. The ripped jeans automatically adds an element of coolness to your outfit so now your only job would be to look for a really cool top to complete your look.

ripped jeans and sneakersripped jeans and trainers

  • Dress it up – if you want to make your ripped jeans ensemble a little less downtown, simply wear a pair of gorgeous heels. This instantly makes your whole outfit look chic and feminine despite the your jeans looking worn out. Of course, you’ll look slightly edgier and sexier, too, because of the ripped jeans.

cap toe heels and ripped jeansripped jeans and heels

  • Subtle or bold – whether you want your legs to just peek through or if you want to totally show them to the world is entirely up to you. Jeans with a subtle and minimal rip are ideal if you want to wear them to a semi-casual place like  work (for days when you’re allowed to dress down) while those with bigger, bolder rips are great for the streets.

mild rip on jeansbold ripped jeans