How to Wear Sequins without Going Overboard

Sequins on clothes are just simply irresistible. The sparkle and shine that these cute little round-ish pieces always add an element of fun and glamour to any outfit and that’s something no girly girl can say no to. However, it’s so easy to go overboard when wearing sequins whether during the day or night. One can easily go out looking like a live disco ball when one has no clue on how to wear sequins. If you’re wondering how to wear sequins right and how to wear them without overdoing it, here are a few ideas for you:

  • Wear sequins with jeans – if you’re looking for a rather casual look but still want a bit of glam added to the whole ensemble, wearing a sequined top  with jeans or even jean shorts should be the perfect combination for you. The glitzy glam vibe coming from all those shiny sequins is equally balanced by the casualness of jeans. You can wear plain jeans if  you want simple and casual but if you’re taking it to the streets, distressed or ripped jeans or shorts will look super stylish.

sequined top ripped jeans sequined top and jeans

  • Combine sequins and leather – go for the ‘tough chick’ look by wearing a sequined piece and combining it with a leather piece. It can be a sequined top and leather pants, a sequined dress and a leather jacket, a sequined skirt and leather boots – it could be anything and everything you fancy. The combination is a perfect  mix of edgy and girly.

sequined top and leather

sequined dress and leather jacket

  • Patterned sequin designs – sometimes a fully sequined outfit in one color can be too much for the eyes to handle. Give it some variety and spice it up by choosing clothes that have sequined patterns. This does not only add texture to the item you’re wearing, it also makes it all the more interesting to look at, compared to a plain sequined piece.

patterned sequin dress patterned sequine

  • Sequined accessories – if you don’t think you can pull off wearing a full piece of sequined clothing item without looking like you’ve gone far too overboard, a more subtle way to incorporate sequins in your outfit is to go for sequined accessories instead. It can be anything from a purse, a piece of jewelry, or the details on your shoes and it can even be as small and subtle as a sequined headband or bow on your hair.

black sequined purse gold sequin shoes

  • One piece at a time – when wearing sequins, remember to wear only one piece of sequined clothing item at a time. Doing so will help you make sure you don’t look too overdressed. Don’t wear sequined tops with sequined bottoms. The only excuse you could have for wearing sequins all over is if it’s a dress.

 sequined top highlo skirt pants sequined