How To Wear Slip Dress As Daywear

There are so many ’90s looks that we would never welcome back into the 21st century–cough, butterfly clips, cough–but one ’90s trend that’s been coming around for a while has emerged in outfits of different fashion-forward women in the streets. Slip dress.

Of course, for something that is easy-to-wear, has a barely-there coverage, and originally intended to be slept in, wearing slip dress in public can be quite daunting. But we always say here that confidence is the main key to pulling off whatever clothes you want to pull off. And a slip dress is not an exception.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks that you can take note of on how to wear slip dress as daywear. Check them out and ready your pen and paper.

Whether you’ll wear it within layers or minimalistically, you have a few guides to help you in pulling off slip dress as daywear. First off, you want to choose a slip dress that is simple and in one solid color if you plan to wear it minimalist-style. Keep everything simple so as not to look too provocative or overwhelming.

simple slip dress navy blue slip dress

Another thing that you can do so as not to look provocative wearing a slip dress is to slip on a jacket over it. If you are aiming for a casual look with slip dress, go for a more casual jacket like ripped denim ones. If you are going for a formal look, opt for a sleek blazer.

slip dress and blazer

slip dress and denim jacket

You would think that the office¬†would be more conservative in how they let their employees dress but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear slip dress for work. If you want to and your office is okay with it, you can wear slip dress for work underneath layers that will make up as an appropriate office outfit. You can also try to keep to monochromatic outfits where slip dress are incorporated. This way, you can create a sleek work outfit that will blend your slip dress perfectly.

slip dress for work slip dress for office

Another way to layer up a slip dress is to copy an outfit of Rachel from Friendsslip dress over a top. It adds a mod-style essence into the outfit that makes it a throwback outfit. For this, you can do two color schemes. Either you would pair a top in a complementary color or a top in an analogous or similar color.

slip dress layered slip dress and sweatshirt

Lastly, you can wear your slip dress during the evenings. There are many certain slip dresses that are made of silky and glossy materials and you can wear these types of slip dresses for evening wear. Most of these are even metallic so you don’t need to wear too much jewelries for your outfit.

slip dress Jennifer Lawrence slip dress evening