How To Wear Sneakers At Work

In this time and age, when casual has seeped and squeezed into practically any kind of environment, it is no longer a surprise that you could find elements of casual outfits in the workplace. Now, I’ll be making this clear from the start: there are certain office environment that deems wearing sneakers inappropriate. But if you are one of the fortunate ones who work in a place where the sporty kicks are equally accepted as the fancy heels, then great for you. So if you can get away with it, try to incorporate sneakers into your office outfits. Because, anyway, we all know that heels are simply far from the most comfortable footwear you could have.

So how do you get away with wearing sneakers in an office environment? Here’s how to wear sneakers at work.

  1. Keep your outfit tailored
    Probably the most important thing you need to consider when wearing sneakers at work is the outfit you incorporate with it. Keep your outfit tailored. This way, you can compensate for the casualness of your shoes and make them wearable in the office.
    sneakers and tailored outfitdark navy blue sneakers outfit
  2. Choose white sneakers
    The thing with plain white sneakers is that there is a solidity in color. And it is also the color when a pair of kicks is as dressy as it could get. You could wear any office outfit and add a little athletic vibe to it with just the help of white sneakers.
    white sneakers outfit
    white sneakers in office outfit
  3. Choose black sneakers
    Black sneakers, on the other hand, has quite the opposite effect with white sneakers. A pair of black kicks blends greatly with the rest of the outfit. In fact, those trainers could blend so well you’d think it was a flat ankle boots from afar.
    pantsuit and black sneakers outfit
    black sneakers and tucked in shirt outfit
  4. Choose basic sneakers
    One other thing to consider when choosing the ideal pair of trainers to incorporate into your work outfit is its design. When it comes to design, the optimal choice would be a pair of basic sneakers. Basically, those with simple designs. It’s a foolproof way, too, since the simple design of the shoes will blend well with the usually minimalist and polished look of office outfits.
    basic sneakers and office outfit
    basic sneakers for office outfit
  5. Tread carefully with statement kicks
    Of course, if you can dare to wear statement sneakers, then you could get away with it, too. Just keep in mind that the rest of your outfit will not be able to overshadow your shoes. The best solution for this is to have a monochromatic outfit.
    statement sneakers office outfit
    statement sneakers outfit
  6. Wear it with a blazer
    Sneakers gives off an instant casual vibe to any kind of outfit whereas a blazer could offer the automatic polished atmosphere. One might think that having the two of these in one outfit would not look great but it’s actually the other way–they make a balanced ensemble, especially for work.
    white sneakers and navy blazer outfit
    blazer and sneakers outfit
  7. When paired with skirt
    Go for a skirt with a simple silhouette to pair with your sneakers. If possible, you want a simple color scheme to your outfit as well. This will keep your outfit simple yet polished look.
    pencil skirt and sneakers
    midi skirt and sneakers outfit
  8. When paired with dress
    Like when paired with skirt, try to find a dress with a simple structure and silhouette. But unlike with skirt, you could go ahead and try to find one with a brighter and bolder print or color.
    sneakers and dress outfit
    white sneakers and dress outfit