How To Wear Sweatpants Fashionably

The line between comfort and style has indeed become finer and finer over time. For as long as we could remember, sweatpants have always been something you wear inside your house. The comfortable cotton material that sweatpants is made of and the warmth it brings during the night is unmistakable. But fashion bloggers, street style muses and celebrities alike have started to bring one of the most common house clothes outdoors and into the street fashion scene. Add to that, the growing trend of athletic-inspired fashion and the athleisure style.

Of course, even if the line between these two have blurred significantly, we still wanted to look stylish wearing sweatpants outside. And that common slouchy silhouette can be taken advantage of. Here are some tips on how to wear sweatpants fashionably.

  • Don a blazer for a chic look – A crisp and tailored blazer will definitely balance out the slouchy and loose feat of a sweatpants. Add to that, the chicness that the blazer gives to the outfit.
    sweatpants and matching blazer
    sweatpants and blazer
  • Choose a dressy top – A dressy top will definitely make the sweatpants appropriate for a party. I suggest choosing sweatpants in darker color for the night so that you’d be warm and comfy yet the sweatpants won’t be so obvious.
    glossy sweatpants and dressy top
    sweatpants and sheer top
  • Pick sweatpants that are form-fitting – You could get away with wearing sweatpants outside by putting on one that is neither flared nor cuffed around the hem. Also, you’d want to pick a pair that is either black or white. Keep away from gray or anything with two tones.
    black fitting sweatpants outfit
    white fitting sweatpants outfit
  • Slip on a pair of high heels – By simply wearing a pair of high heeled sandals, you can instantly create an appropriate casual outfit with sweatpants. The heels are also flattering to your feet and creates a stark contrast with the looseness of the sweatpants.
    sweatpants and heels
    sweatpants and high heels
  • Slip on a pair of boots – Of course, if you’re taking the rocker chic look, swap the heels with a pair of boots. Any boots will look great either way. You can tuck your sweatpants inside the boots or roll them up. Or you could also do one in one leg and the other one in the other leg!
    sweatpants and biker boots
    sweatpants and combat boots
  • Pair your sweatpants with a crisp shirt – You’d think that creating an outfit combination with the most common formal wear and the most common house wear will turn out unsuccessful. News flash, ladies, it’s not! Choose a slightly loose shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned. Insert them under the sweatpants lousily and you’re good to go.
    sweatpants and shirt
    sweatpants and collared shirt
  • Grab a bulky or textured jacket – For an ultimate casual fall or winter look, pair your sweatpants with a bulky or textured jacket. They will add statement and texture to your loose and baggy bottom and will definitely give you warmth while walking on the streets during a cold weather.
    sweatpants and fur jacket
    sweatpants and leather jacket